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IN-Call Maii Day! Maii Day! A Hot Young Nymph at NaughtyTG

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So I was supposed to take a couple of weeks off hobbying but I should remind myself not to log in to CAERF if I actually want to accomplish that :lol: As soon as I log in I notice that Maii is on today and this is the last week of her special rate. "Well," I tell myself, "I'm actually saving money by seeing her today because she is a MUST SEE so I may as well..." Looking at Maii's pics and browsing the reviews, I look down and my penis gives me a hearty, agreeable nod. What the hay, let's do this. I set up plans via pm and confirm the time and place. Head to the downtown location and open the door, I am greeted by a YOUNG and I mean YOUNG looking cutie with ridiculous dimensions. Happy St. Patrick's day to me! Maii gives me a nice wet kiss and has a radiant and contagious smile. She has silky, dark black hair and beautiful light brown eyes that i could not stop staring at, facially she hugs the line between the young college aged cutie that she is and hot vixen, which doesn't surprise me because she has done some modeling before. She also has gorgeous natural D's, a tiny waist line and a cutie of Georgia Peach bum, that's dying for attention.
For the Simon Cowell ratings rundown - Face 8.5 Body 9-9.5.

I whip into the shower and return to find her lying on the bed in a cute black teddy with that amazing smile. We start to LFK on the bed, then go to DFK and it was really nice. Then I play with those gorgeous sensitive breasts of hers and she was quite responsive to my toungue tornado technique, same tecnique I usually use for I work my way down to her clean and delicious pink kitty and start to lick her up an down bottom to top, she likes the DATY a lot. Then sucked on her nice meaty labia and clit for quite a while as she moaned an groaned in approval. Then it was her turn and I laid down while she gave a good BBBJ. But with all do respect to Maii, this is not yet her claim to fame. Don't get me wrong it is good, but her forte is sex and she likes it hard and fast.
On came the cover and she rides me in CG pretty hard and then I take control and pound her from the bottom. This girl is REALLY TIGHT. I was trying to hold off my first SOG just minutes in. We switched to her favourite position of doggie and trust me this is the position to do with her. Her ass is spectacular. We go in doggie and she is really loving it, and says "Fuck me harder," I'm like fuck ya and we go warp speed until I have my melt down, an intense and drawn out first SOG.
We chill for about 5 minutes and talk about how she feels she is a sex addict and I agree that I am too - Aren't we all guys!? We cut the small talk and start DFK'ing, and she moves down to resuscitate my little buddy. A few minutes of BBBJ and he is almost there. Then she puts him between her luscious cantalopes and does some RUSSIAN. Know he's stiff and ready for action. By now we have a little under 10 minutes so we get right back to doggie as it was too good in round 1. Knowing how hard and fast she likes it, I increase my speed steadily and then start blasting away and man can she take it. She got really noisy and I kepy going and going until I exploded again...ahhh satisfied.
Service Rating: A solid 8 for a GFE. She will no doubt get better with experience. BBBJ was about a 7 but sex was a 9 and no complaints from me here.

I take another shower and we talk a little more before kissing goodbye. Only notes I would add for the agency are not so much a criticism as much as they are tips to get better and become elite as they have great potential IMO:
- There were 2 calls and at least 1 or 2 text msgs from management to Maii in the middle of our session which she picked up
- There was no mouthwash in the bathroom, this is advisable to have for both the SP and the customer
- I was out the door at 5 minutes past my hour. at 4 minutes past she got a call saying she was late. No biggie here just saying that a 5-10 minute buffer zone for 60 minute appointment can go a long way in making the experience feel unrushed and satisfactory.
Again take it for what it is which is my unsolicited advice. I have greatly enjoyed both my visits with this agency and completely recommend them.

I was still quite happy and really glad to meet such a raw, sexy talent like Maii, the sex was off the hook.Thanks to Maii and NaughtyTG for a great St.Patty's day romp!


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Nice review HW. Might just be an award winner. Maii does have a wicked little bod.


Thanks HW...another great review of this little gem. I appreciate your candid points about areas that are good and areas that need improvement. There are some agencies that will let the girl manage their own time without interruption and I think we all appreciate that; the buffer zone helps with this and I realize there is a safety factor to consider too.... but calls during the session are annoying to say the least but more annoying part is the SP taking those calls. This has happened to me a few times and the SP usually apologizes and shuts the ringer/vibe off and we carry on...nice move.

Maii is certainly a good looking girl; I've yet to see her but will be very soon, despite any rate changes. I think that she and Lola are overshadowed to some extent by the ever popular Hailey (getting wood just thinking of her :lol:)


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Great review HW. Mirrored my session with her. Wow, she's tight just like you said
Glad you had such a nice time. She's such a sweetie

(btw..very creative title. Wish I had thought of it. Ice will probably use it after he see's her )


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Very good review HW. I believe NGT is very new agency. I hope they read reviews and learn from the reviews where they are making little mistakes. Taking calls or calling to SP about being late for over few minutes is annoying. I really dont like that. But i am sure this review will make them think again about it.


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Excellent review HW, you know when they are raising her rates?.

Lou Pole

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Amazing review HW hope agency owner reads your remarks and learns from it.


olayda said:
Great review HW. Mirrored my session with her. Wow, she's tight just like you said
Glad you had such a nice time. She's such a sweetie

(btw..very creative title. Wish I had thought of it. Ice will probably use it after he see's her )

Hey hey hey.... I only steal my material from you dude. Keep it down and get over to Rayden's house to shave his ass already, he's waiting in the tub all soaped up and prone...


Holy shit HW that was great to read. 8.5/10 man you are tough, I would rate her a 9/10


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HW Fantastic review, did you PM Mark regarding the calls and texts during your session?


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Now that is one hell of a Happy St. Patrick's day, like how you write HW.

Senor Gomes

Maii appears everywhere now days, does she ever go to school?.


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I got my appointment bumped by 30 minutes a few hours before my scheduled booking.. Then Maii was late by ~15 minutes for the new time. Not to say this reflects badly on Maii, just that they currently have no buffer (ok, maybe it's a slight downer for the session).. Most likely won't be back for other reasons but regardless Maii's a real sweetheart, please treat her as such.


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Excellent review and love your advice at the end of your review HW! These agency is making a splash but there is always room for improvement.

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