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MadTV is returning

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Joined Sep 10, 2015
Messages 1,482
CW Network (some U.S. network that airs in Canada apparently) has bought the rights or is reviving in some way the MADTV brand.


When I was in High School, I always thought Saturday Night Live was slow and not funny. Later on, I came across MadTv and realized that watch the skit show I was looking for throughout the years.

MADTV is funny as can be. I am glad it is getting revived.



Senior Member
Joined Feb 3, 2012
Messages 26
Looking forward to it. I used to religiously collect their magazines when I was young, now I am young at heartFunky & Music
Joined Sep 10, 2015
Messages 1,482
I don't like this skit. It is very disrespectful toward the efforts of the stripper. Really feel bad for this stripper.



I loved Saturday Night Live but never enjoyed watching MadTV back then. Maybe I'll like it more now that I'm all grown up.



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Joined Jun 29, 2010
Messages 10,859
It all depends on the cast and the writing. There have been great eras of skit shows and some that are downright horrible. SNL had its good times and bad. I never got into MadTV. In Living Color was fantastic!

J-Lo...the early years.

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