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Joined Jun 2, 2016
Messages 110
Age: 22-23 (recent grad)
Face: 7/10 (Marion Cotillard look alike…enough said)
Body: 7/10 (Dat ass, nice perky tits)
Service: 7/10 (100 extra for greek, no tongue during kiss, no cum above shoulders:frown:)
Attitude: 8/10
Cost: 240 + 20 tip
Repeat: Def

I am AznTrustFundBB. I’m pretty new to this hobby so feel free to point out any noob mistakes I make. Anyways, I try to research every SP before the visit but often cannot find any so I TOFTT. Now I’m back with reviews.

Being in my early 20s, with minimal responsibilities but the means to do so, I decided to cross something off my bucket list. The first time I saw Madison was my first time ever with an SP. Jen (I think?) the keeper made booking incredibly easy. I told her I was losing my SP V-card and to recommend someone gentle cause it’s my first time:biggrin2:. When the door opened Marion Cotillard was wearing a skin tight baige dress, baige stockings and baige heals...holy fuck. Her ass in that skirt was shaped like an onion that made me want to shed tears.

Madison warmly invited me in and gave me a big hug and apologized for being a little sweaty because she just ran here after her last exam. Being a total noob I had no idea what the procedures were but it probably wouldn’t matter if I did because I was drooling brainlessly anyways. She patiently and warmly outlined the etiquettes, etc and I am off to the shower.

When I came back she was waiting for me in sexy black lingerie, stockings and heels. She crawled over to the edge of the bed where I was standing, slowly removed her top and bottoms while staring directly into my eyes with no breaks in eye contact, before taking me by the neck and drawing my lips to hers. She pushed me onto the bed and caressed me all over.

Her lips made rounds all over my body before coming back to mine. I think I giggled like a little boy at Christmas. Her BBBJ and DT were above average and enthusiastic with lots of eye contact. I couldn’t wait any longer so she slipped on the rubber and hopped on CG. Her 5'4 frame can take a pounding.

We went through mish and doggie before I busted in her tight kitty. Her playing with herself during CG and doggie was no doubt the hottest aspect. No fake moaning, no aimlessly looking around, she genuinely appeared to enjoy the session.

The amount of eye contact was off the charts. Not once did she look at the clock; I had to keep taps on time, she kept saying don't worry about time keep going! It took us a few to catch our breaths. Basking in the afterglow, we talked about stuff of youth like we’ve known each other a lot longer.

Then, my time was up.



Joined Mar 4, 2011
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Welcome to the board. Nice review.
No DFK, no CIM would keep me away, unless Madison is DDG with a warm attitude.


Joined Jun 2, 2016
Messages 110
She isn't DDG but definitely GND type. Her attitude is one of her highlights for sure tho.

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