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Madison Fox - Review

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Joined Mar 27, 2010
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So today I was out at a meeting and would be around the Burnaby area early, so I decided to check out the Fox Den’s afternoon lineup. After a quick call I had decided on Madison Fox () for an hour, and went to my meeting with a rather large grin on my face; I had been wanting to try Madison for a while now, but normally I am not able to make it early enough to catch some of the Foxes.

I arrived and parked across the street in the McDonalds parking lot and crossed Kingsway to reach the front door of the Fox Den and I opened it, walked inside and ascended the stairs with a happy smile on my face, I was actually being paid to go poon for a half hour which was really nice. I paid my donation ($320 for the hour) to the friendly Office Fox who immediately retrieved a glass of water and asked me to sit in another room for a second and Madison would be right in. Two minutes later a very attractive blond wearing a very low cut and very short dress, shoulder length golden blond hair and a set of 3 inch heels opened the door and said Hi with a big smile and a big hug. The Banana loves the certain, somewhat sweet way women smell, and Madison was no exception to this! We then walked to our room and I took out the pokey stuff in my pockets and sat down on the bed beside Madison and we chatted for an enjoyable 10 or so minutes about how much we really did have in common. We seemed to click from the start, something that is always a good thing and always parallels a great session.

I then hopped into the stone shower stall alone and adjusted the water out of the very nice “rainfall” showerhead and proceeded to do my thing until I shut it off, reached out and grabbed a light brown towel off of the brass hook on the wall and dried myself off. I headed towards the bed and Madison suggested a back massage, and I accepted. I lied on my stomach while she oiled me up and gave a average massage, but we continued to chat about life and other topics. I enjoyed her massage (And the view of her in the mirror above) until she asked if I wanted to flip over to which I responded with a “yes” and she started slide slowly between my outstretched legs and came up and lightly grabbed a nipple with her teeth while sliding a hand down to say hello to the Banana, and once standing to attention Madison grabbed a cover out of her bag and put it on. She then ambushed the poor Banana, just ravaging it with her CBJ. Little surges of happiness shot through the BananaMan when Madison looked up from her task to meet my eyes with her own and just look for a split second, then go back to her task. She took her time at points, and then started to increase the speed until the BananaMan asked her to hop on.

She got up, looked at me and said “I’m sorry but I’m just really horny right now, I need to be on top” and after replacing the condom with another one she slid down on top and reached forward and while we just went at it, both of us just rocking away on the king size round bed. Madison’s mouth ended up beside my ear, and if I listened I could start to hear her breathe harder and soon a slight moan escaped, and this just got louder! Soon we pulled the sheets out from the side of the bed while we were just going at it, enjoying every second of this. Feeling her hot breath on my ear, neck and shoulder started to make me go crazy with desire and Madison this was enough to kick both of us into overdrive as she came and soon I did too, both of us panting at it.

We caught our breath and she slid off me and walked over to the table to bring over the box of Kleenex and cleaned me up. She then disposed of the evidence and sat down on the bed and we started to talk. “Gee BananaMan, you smell great. What is that you are wearing?” “Well Madison, its (Edited for exclusively, I don’t want any of you smelling like me)” And we just went on for the few remaining minutes until the Office Fox let us know that our play time was up and with that she suggested a shower for me to wash off the massage oil off of my back, to which I agreed. I slid to the bottom of the bed and started for the shower when she asked if I wanted some mouthwash, something no one has ever offered me before at the Den. I said yes and rinsed myself off in the shower, and by the time I was done Madison was back with a mini shot glass of mint mouthwash. I thanked her, used it and got dressed. As I started to walk towards the door I grabbed her and pulled her closer and kissed her. “I didn’t know you liked to kiss” “Yep, we will just have to save it for next time” “mmmm, sounds good” and then I followed her into the hall and once we had made sure the coast was clear I walked to the back door only stopping to be introduced to yet another Fox that I just have to try now. Madison opened the back door and we kissed for a second and then I went to my truck to leave and head home to type this.

Repeat: Yes
Contact Information:
Rate Info: $320 for the hour


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Joined Mar 27, 2010
Messages 316
*This review is from last year, however Madison is still a current Fox.


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
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Man your banana is going to peel after all the pooning you are doing dude.


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Joined Feb 8, 2010
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Her face might be average, but her body is off the scale. Especially her ass, hot!!


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Great review anon you have a way with words, made me feel I was in the middle of the action. :cool:

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