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IN-Call Madelyn of Montreal

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Great review HOF! How would you rate her facially compared to the other hot lookers you've seen in the past? Is she in the $300 level looks wise?

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Madelyn's Face

Madelyn's Face

Some questions about Madelyn's face. Well, I've met with her 4 times, so I have a pretty good idea. Madelyn has a small face with big brown eyes, small nose, and surprisingly, seeing what she can do with it, a pretty small mouth. Her lips are medium sized, between thin and full. Beautiful white teeth. Her brunette hair is fine and straight, cut into kinda a asymmetrical bob style. She tells me she gets it cut before each visit.

She's really very pretty and cute. You would totally stare at her. I've seen her dressed in her jeans and tee shirt - wow.

As far as Hof's review goes, he's on the mark. She's awesome and gets really into the moment. Since she's only part-time at this, coming to the Toronto area once-a-month, she's ready to have some fun and an adventure. The experience is very authentic with a very sexually-charged girl. If the room is really dark, you can see a slight red aura around her - that's the sexual charge I guess. Maybe the glow was my imagination, but I felt her energy.
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