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Madelyn of Montreal!
Please remember that YMMV, be respectful to the ladies and information is my POV.
I’m just glad to be in the high mileage club.

I had arranged an evening tryst with Madelyn
It was a Friday night rendezvous, three hours of sheer bliss with this petite vixen. Madelyn and I had touched base earlier in the day and our evening was planned. She had asked me what type of music I enjoyed and told her smooth R and B. As the door opened, I could hear Toni Braxton in the background. Yes, Madelyn had the room full of candlelight!

We embraced gently, and Madelyn took my jacket and told me to make myself comfortable, which I did. I left a small gift bag for her on the bed and opened the bottle of wine for us to share. Madelyn quickly opened her gift and put the sexy little nightie. When she returned, she straddled me on the couch, and we sipped our wine and kissed passionately. I said Madelyn, “I belong to you.”

The best way to describe Madelyn’s appearance and body type is simple; she reminds me of Alizee She is a petite, sexy french kitten that really wants to please her man.

We finished our wine, and my little vixen started to undress me. Madelyn removed my shirt, then un-doing my belt, down with the zipper, and she ever so seductively removed pants and socks. Madelyn took me by the hand and lead me to heaven. We caressed and explored each other like teenagers, I fumbled un-doing her brassiere as she rubbed her hand over my shorts. Her brassiere had fallen off and my mouth wandered over her incredible breasts, while I buried my finger into her treasure. Madelyn repositioned herself and was now pleasuring my manhood with her incredibly warm and wet mouth. Madelyn took a walk on the wild side as she had me engulfed!

I repositioned Madelyn so that I could caress, lick and taste her from head to toe. Ever so gently, I made my way to her sugar shack
Her cookie is full of sugar and she shared it all with me!

The heat between us was incredibly intense and as we gazed into each other’s eyes, Madelyn said, “Please HOF, I’m aching for you to be inside of me.” I couldn’t restrain myself any longer; it was time for us to become one. Madelyn is a very sensual playmate, full of energy and excitement, and we covered many of the positions in In fact, too many to list!

Madelyn and I decided that we were going to enjoy as many positions as possible and we did!

Madelyn enjoys Nickelback and I couldn’t think of a better song for her

When I was ready to climax, Madelyn said, “Don’t waste that.” Her sex is really is on fire!

Madelyn is one incredible and intensely passionate woman. I was completely exhausted in the best​


Well-known member
Joined Mar 11, 2010
Messages 76
wow nice review HOF! I have had a pleasure to meet with Madelyn. She is true companion for ever men. Facially might not fit in hottie group but once you are in the bed with her she turns to a hottie all over.


Well-known member
Joined Jan 28, 2010
Messages 899
Dude very original review, what can I say but clap my hands to you for such work of art.


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 238
Awesome Hof is this the same Madelyn that only books through PM or text?.

Randy Moss

Active member
Joined Mar 23, 2010
Messages 43
I am a lurker and had to come out stand up to give you a standing ovation, you did your homework here with all the links Hof


Well-known member
Joined Feb 13, 2010
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lovelatinas said:
Trying to checkout her website but it's so slow.

Same here I gave up is there another link HOF. BTW great review.


justme74 said:
HOF Who you can compare her for facial future?

It's hard to describe. She is very GND. She is like all French women HOT


HOF I am a big DFK guy and as you know DT as well. How was she on both.


Senior Member
Joined Mar 10, 2010
Messages 340
Beenthere123 said:
HOF I am a big DFK guy and as you know DT as well. How was she on both.

BT123 she is a PRO on both department. Another thing about her is that she really knows how to seduce a guy!:mrgreen:


Joined Nov 6, 2009
Messages 6,565
Nice review Hoff, I've had the pleasure of this Montreal firecracker, bang on review bud!


Repoman said:
Hey, we have someone that might actually keep up with Demien.:lol: Another good review.

Demien and I compare notes often!:razz:

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