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Madeline Swann. A TOFTT review by me? I’ll let the Mods sort it

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Afternoon delight....

So. Struck with a sudden flare up of LOH, (Late Onset Horniness) and needing some urgent care, I stuck out onto the web in search of some therapy. My go-to-therapists were sadly (joyfully for them) on a road trip or not available. I plowed through avails of beauties I’d like to meet and was delighted to discover Ms. Swann of the Allegra posse was on deck to suit my schedule.

Truth be told I’d remember been struck by her pic’s from when she first appeared on my radar in Feb. She's a striking Norse beauty. I’m a sucker for lips and necks and she has that look. Coupled with her short-styled blond hair, that’s I had bet was all natural, pretty much sealed my attraction. And seriously gent’s I will not guarantee the colour our any woman’s hair at any time. LOL

There’s a profile pic of her in black with a glass of wine that I’d love to have face revealed. It’s actually the foundation of my attraction to this beauty. It's where I imagine I just walked into some obscure bar in Oslo or perhaps, Copenhagen. It’s midsummer, the sun is low on the horizon and I just saw the most beautiful woman in the world, but I digress.

I booked Ms Swann via Twitter via Allegra's DM - no problem. Then I DM’d Ms. Swann with some expressions of interests. We’d had a prior dialogue in March so I figured I should get a response. Crickets.

No reply left me a bit anxious. And seriously, I really do get it. How many time’s can a woman reply to the same inane query, but ladies, if DM or don’t: It’s a grand tool to sort out bits and details but if you’re not up for it, don’t turn it on.

To her credit and my anxious relief, Ms. Swann did reply the day of. Her reply was positive and enthusiastic which restored my confidence this was gonna be an OK experience.

Nonetheless, I have to note, I actually thought of bailing day-of but I put my trust in the integrity of the Allegra brand. Aside from been all huffy, I really, really was attracted to this Scandinavian beauty and wanted this to work.

Buzzed in, headed up, knockity knock, and from behind the door was revealed a tall stunning beauty with a warm smile. And then...

All trepidation and doubt evaporated in that first kiss. I have reached Valhalla. Or at least a suburb of Valhalla. That kiss was like the first girlfriend on the back porch kiss. You might remember, you go for the peck and she goes for your soul. It was brief. And then we did the two strangers meeting, judging, evaluating. Apparently, humans evaluate each other in virtually a blink of an eye. Somehow I passed.

Dived into the shower and after scrubbing bits and pieces for the third time that day joined Madeline in the bedroom.

Madeline asked what I would like or would we just let it happen- I chose the let it happen, ‘cause I’d really prefer to not have that conversation when engaged. So glad in this case.

We started with a kiss. A deep sensual kiss that she directed. It was a warm and enthusiastic, it was a "fuck I can’t wait 'til I have your cock in me" kiss. A sloppy wet, lip-biting “honey, I so glad you came home from pillaging" Viking maiden kiss. And I was in lust.

Ms. Swann is a bit of a sensual moaner. OK a lot of a moaner. It’s crazy delightful. Her kisses are deep, sloppy and sensual, nothing held back. Very hot. Most importantly her eye contact: intense. I know, it is not possibly real but when you look at those intense steel gray eyes, it was like there was a connection.

Driven by passion and ardor, at one point I found myself, devouring her neck, delighting her quickening pulse beneath my tongue.

It all pretty much went uphill from there. We played like lovers, ok enthusiasts. Switched up positions, teased, sucked and slurped and generally fucked in an enthusiastic encounter.

Ms. Swann’s quim is delicious, I lapped and savored her delightful lips like a Viking pining for the fiords (ok you’d have to be a Monty Python fan to get that)

Her breasts are firm, pert and were delightfully sensitive to my tongue and tug assault.

Eventually came the time when we decided she needed to mount Thor's Hammer which she joyously pounded into submission.

We ended with a “star rockets in flight, afternoon delight,” eruption. We were both glistening and slick with the sweat of our ardor. I’m quite sure my eyes rolled back in my head several times in ecstasy as Ms. Swan’s floods dribbled delightfully between my ass cheeks as she rode me like her personal sloppy bouncy castle.(Is that what Swann Lake is about?)

I had only one base hit this game but batted the full 9 innings. I can’t comment on how well Ms Swann enjoyed her meeting with me. Hopefully well.

I barely plumbed Ms. Swann’s delights. I’d love a future, slower encounter to explore pet play - what’s that? but also I love to explore a role play as Ms. Swann is an actor in training - who knows where that may lead.

Seriously. Still can't wipe that just fucked grin off my face.

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