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I have a bit of extra time so I'll do another quick review. First off, Madeline's stats are off. No way this girl is 5'6". She is much shorter so the stats on the site are wrong. She used to work at Flirt (possibly under the same name), but has moved to the Premier chain.

First the good points, she has a spinner body, and is in decent shape. Cute face, and quite a decent kisser. Unfortunately, things go downhill on a steep incline after that.

Service was horrible. I thought Priya would've been my worst session with her rag doll routine. Madeleine is quite active, but not in a good way. What turned me off the most was the spitting. Yes, I've had girls use saliva before. In fact, one of my old regs (before she retired) prefered saliva over oil, and she was quite good at it. Madeleine is not. Even after I told her to stop, she kept doing it. I don't mean spit from close proximity to my cock, but spitting from a high level so that the spit travels all over my body. You know how you spit when you see something disgusting? THAT's how she does it. Ugh. I really don't like to write negative reviews, but this session will stay in my mind forever. Beware the spitting cobra!


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There I was worried you were a shill. Thanks for confirming I was wrong.


I usually try to see the best in people... it's just who I am. But some sessions and some girls are just plain horrible. I have one more negative experience to share, and then a few more good reviews, and then I should be done.
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I really don't like to write negative reviews, but this session will stay in my mind forever.

I don't think any of us enjoy writing bad reviews. However, it is what it is. The purpose of the review board is to tell it like it is.
I appreciate your reviews.
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