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Joined Mar 18, 2010
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Hello all.

I am new to the forum but not new to the hobby so I just wanted to post my recent reviews.

Mady @ Sassys

I apoligize in adavance if the review is too graphic but you can decide not to read on.

Read some great reviews on Mady from Hounddog, Conte, Nova and Rodman I decided to see what all the hype was about. I called the agency and booking was easy. Arrived at the downtown upscale condo opened the door and was greeted by a kiss on the lips. WOW! What a cutie. She was described as a Christina Aguilera and Peta Wilson look-a-likes. I compare her looks to one Toronto model Sara Balint, minus the boob job. She has a husky/boyish voice which threw me off at first but it grew on me. Her voice and personality reminds of actress Emma Stone very bubbly and happy go lucky. Her body is fit and athletic, breast are natural B cups.

I take a quick shower came out sat next her on the bed and talk breifly and started DFK, she is really in to it and lasted good while before she went down and gave me a nice BBBJ. We 69 for about 6 minutes, she was yummy, and on goes the hat, she rides me CG and WOW what ride. She makes sweet moaning noises like a porn star. She rides nice and hard but too hard that it would hurt your dick, just the right rhythm which felt very good. At times I would cup and squeeze her supple breasts, pinching her niples until hard. She leans over to DFK me, man she loves to kiss and lost of tongue. We move to mish and I fuck her slowly quickly building up more speed to go harder and she was getting delerious with pleasure as she moans and becomes vocal like a pornstar. "Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, Ooooh it feels good" and so on. We switch to doggie I spank her fine ass as I do her from behind. It was a great view in the mirror. I pull out and lick her pussy and rim her as she remains on all fours, she purrs with pleasure. Off comes the hat for more BBBJ she has a good technique, nice wet and sloppy. She moves to DFK me some more as she is giving me a HJ, I was ready to cum, I shoot a load and she quickly goes down to take the rest in her mouth. She continues post cum BBBJ which made my toes curl and I shook with orgasmic pleasure. I almost past out. I had 20 more minutes, I need to relax for a bit and we chated for a good 15 minutes before I hit the showers, came out put my clothes on and she gave me a good bye kiss. The only minor hitch is that she wears hair extentions and it was annoying finding the loose hair all over me.

Face: 8.5
Body: 9
Attitude: 10
Service: 10 GFE-PSE
Damage: Hardly any damage. $240/hr for PSE with a great girl is a bargain.
Repeat: Hell Yes. She ranks up their with Daphne as my ATF.


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Joined Mar 11, 2010
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Am Hearing great things about Mady. Does she have pictures up yet? She has burst onto the scene.


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Joined Nov 12, 2009
Messages 2,650
Great review LL, welcome aboard, she seems a must see, thanks for sharing it.


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Joined Jan 18, 2010
Messages 660
Wow that got me horny thanks for the iron, Mady is a great find. Other reviewers expressed same feelings you did lovelatinas.


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Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 278
Thanks LL excellent review. Loose hair can be dangerous for married men as sometimes it ends up in your cloths or socks. Be careful members., my lady found long blond hair during the wash one day and she is a brunette. :eek:

Senor Gomes

Amigo glad you are on board heck of a review. Made me sweat, panic then released ahh. Ok just kidding but Hot review.


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
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Must find time to see this new star. Excellent and filthy review LL just how i like them :cool:


Damn another Mady review thanks LL you just shot her up high in my TDL.

lovesbig ____

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Joined Dec 28, 2009
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lovelatinas said:
I shoot a load and she quickly goes down to take the rest in her mouth. She continues post cum BBBJ which made my toes curl and I shook with orgasmic pleasure. I almost past out.

Post cum bbbj? Translation.......licking the cream from popsicle clean? My kinda gal. She's defintely taking top spot on my TDL.


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Joined Mar 18, 2010
Messages 1,702
hateliver said:
LL how close does she resemble her you got me curious.

Facial wise very close. If Mady wore makeup she would look like a model. Body wise very close without the breast implants. Mady's hair is not a nice as the model, she wears extentions. Go see her you won't be disapointed.

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