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Every once in while, I meet a MPA whom I just cannot wrap my head around. Lynn is one such. Facially, Lynn is not that pretty. I would say that she is somewhat average. Her body though, is very nice, with a pair of visually appealing enhancements (round and pointy). I've read a lot of lukewarm reviews about Lynn, but I was tempted anyway because she is a CBA (not sure if she's Chinese or Viet). I normally don't like the Asians because of the language barrier so I thought Lynn could potentially be another Sarah - an Asian that I could really chat with and get to know better.

To start with, Lynn and I did connect. So much, that our first session went way over because the conversation went on and on. Her service is a bit hard to describe. If left to her own devices, she slips into a routine and becomes somewhat mechanical. However, if you take charge of the session (like I did), the session actually starts to become very good. In fact, my second session with her was VERY nice. She can be quite sensual when she puts her mind to it (or if you put her mind to it for her).

I will concur with many of her other reviewers. Lynn is one of those whom you have to click with if you want an above average session. In other words, you really have to made an effort to get to know her, ask her questions, and answer her questions in return. If all you want is to get in, get off and get out, Lynn is not the girl for you. If, however, you are interested in investing some time with a young MPA, and possibly turning her into a regular, then she just may be worth the effort.


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loverboy said:
Thanks ERT, I plan to click with her.

Good luck! i think I liked her, but at the end of the day, not enough to make her into one of my regs. One thing I forgot to mention, you have to be gentile with playing with her boobs. I think they're still sensitive as they are very large for her small frame.


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Congrats on another outstanding and informative review.

Where is your medal?.
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