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Luderland - 3rd Visit - Oct 2019

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Joined Aug 29, 2012
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My buds Vinnie & LTO wanted to do some sightseeing In Cologne as we had some time to kill before going to Sauna Club Babylon in the evening for their Friday party night. We visted the Old Town in the morning but still had extra time on our hands so we drove over to Luderland for our 3rd visit this trip. We all had certain girls we wanted to see there.

It was past the 1 PM early bird special so we paid the full 30 Euro entry . After a shower we headed to the Lounge area. I was looking for Angela who I was unable to see during my last two visits due to her being so popular . Me & my friends all agreed that she was also the most beautiful girl in that club. Lto was going for Sarah & Vinnie was interested in Veronica who I had introduced him to on a previous visit.

I missed on on Angela on my two previous visits because she was always busy. Last time I noticed Guys sitting at her couch when she was in a room just to make sure they were next. . I decided to do the same and went to the couch I remembered she usually sat at. When Angela came into the lounge she approached her couch. As she bent down to pick up her stuff on the nearby table she looked annoyed . She was probably wondering why some jerk would sit on her couch where she had clearly left a towel and her stuff to mark her territory. As she looked at me I patted her towel next to me and she gave me a smile and sat down next to me. We talked and kissed some on the couch before going to a room.

In the room we did more kissing before I moved down to lick her pussy. I was thinking with all the guys she has been seeing she might not be that easy to turn on. When Angela began moving her hips slowly in a circle as I licked her I knew I found the right switch . I then reached up and put my hands on top of her thighs and pulled her pussy deeper onto my tongue . Angela starting making soft groans as I licked and occasionally sucked on her pussy. When she became wetter it was time to see what what she could do to me. I turned over on my back and Angela began a bbbj just as I lick it. Long full strokes with a nice suction. After a few minutes I had her move around for 69 .

When I was ready I told Angela to start with Doggy and she moved around. Her pussy felt warm and snug on my Dick so I fucked her that way for quite a while. Next I flipped her over and lifted one of her legs up and turned slightly sideways so I could deep into her wet warm pussy. Angela held onto my shoulders as I Fucked her fast & deep until I popped.

After a shower I went downstairs and was having coffee in a side room when a guy approached me . He was a local named Michael and he asked me how Angela was in the room . I gave her two thumbs up. Michael went on to say that he just started coming to these smaller clubs and this was only his second visit here. We ended up talking about different clubs and girls for some time. Then LTO came in to join us. LTO wanted to see Sarah but he was concerned because she spoke so little English. I reminded him that I did a room with her a week before and we were able to figure it out . Micheal then said he would act as an translator if LTO wanted to talk to Sarah. I left the room and a few minutes LTO & Sarah went upstairs to a room. Later he told me she was great GFE in the room and he enjoyed her a lot. I told him he over thinks things too much.

Vinnie had asked me about Veronica on our last visit and I told him she was very sensual in the room. He ended up doing a session with her and was very happy with her. Veronica must have been very happy too because as we were leaving the club she came over with a big smile on her face to say good bye to Vinnie.

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