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Lost my voice

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I talk and talk during the day at work because I am in sales. If I don't talk, I can't sell anything to my customers.

I lost my voice this morning, so I have to stay home and rest. That means no work and no money until I return to work.

No money means no hobbying for a while.

But, the good thing about it all is that I have decided to concentrate on getting massages when my voice returns. I like massage parlours and massage girls very much. They are often very pretty. I always say that massage girls are more attractive - in general - than escorts.

So, if you have a lead on a massage girl that you want me to review, post her name and details here and I will try to visit her when I get back into the scene in the next few weeks.

I won't be hoobying anytime in the next 2 weeks, but I will return when my voice returns and my comission follows.



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I am sure the ladies will be happy to hear about their 2 week break.
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