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Saw this girl in the hotel room with probably the smallest, most uncomfortable beds in Toronto. That and the fact that the housekeeping staff were circulating in the hallway outside made the experience sort of similar to fucking in Aunt Jane's spare room during summer vacation while the rest of the family doodled around in the rest of the house. Anyway....

Lola greeted me in a lingerie set which quickly disappeared after I came back from my shower. Lola is a shy, but friendly college girl gfe type, not an experienced courtesan. So the session was a little short on finesse, but amply supplied with enthusiasm and energy. The last reviewer compared her to Paris @ GoE. The comparison is an interesting one as both girls have the same general skin tone, height and body shape. Paris has a classically gorgeous face. Lola's face is GND cute. OTOH, Lola has bigger tits (firm).

Lola started as willing to please, but shy and reserved. Things heated up bit by bit over the hour and the tongue-tip fk became deeper and longer and wetter. After some kissing, she went down on me and then I returned the favour. Then we moved on to fs in mish and ds and then a hj to finish me off. We hung out and chatted afterward and ran about 5 minutes over the hour. (Agency kept ringing throughout the call!!!!!!)

Repeatable and recommended.

Service - if you want sophistication, this is NOT the girl for you. If you want to relive dating your first university gf, then book Lola. 9 for straight ahead energy and I figure the finesse will come when she has been doing this a few more months.

Looks - generally 8 to 8.5. Body would rate high end, especially if you like curvy, petite mediterranean chicas.

Personality - sweet, smart, unhurried and friendly. No ego.

Photos are accurate and body is nice, slender and firm without the clothes. This agency should call less during sessions and hire K-Bear or some other reputable photographer to take decent photos of their girls. Lola's ethnicity is Latina with a Canadian accent.




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Thanks oagre. very useful review.
She's very high on my TDL. Shy and awkward works for me.

Tomorrow I'm seeing Maii and I may not sleep
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Hi Oagre,

Thank you very much for the review. I will make sure Lola see's it.

I would like to make a few points if i may.

Firstly please except my sinserest appologies for the size of the rooms and the beds. This was the only room i could get downtown for today. As you may know there is a huge conference that ends today and it was impossible to get the regular rooms. If you do see one of our ladies in the future i assure you that the bed will ba either a king or a queen size.

I will speak to Lola about taking calls during a session. I make it a point never to call during a session and have asked the ladies to keep there phones on silent when they are with a client. Once again my appologies this shouldnt have happened.

As for the the quality of the photographs. I will see what i can do. All three girls are models and have professional pics , however they have requested i dont use them as they want to be as discreat as possible.

Once again thank you for all the feedback.


Nice response Mark. Very professional and will go a long way.


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Nice review Oagre, thanks for sharing it. She's high on my TDL too. I hope in the near future she works on Sundays as Hailey does.


Good review Oagre. I love a slim lady with big bazookas!

Senor Gomes

Have this hot Latina in my radar, calling Mark to book her after your review Oagre. Menu reads Greek available, did you ventured the Islands?.


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Givemehead said:
Very good review Oagre, Daty and Digits on the menu?.
Yes to daty GMH, thanks for the good review Oagre.

she went down on me and then I returned the favour



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This is how all reviews should be done, thanks Oagre you covered all the bases.


Ooops, sorry. BBBJ, didn't ask about cim as I finished with a hj. Also was too tired to ask re msog. Didn't ask about greek or try digits. My guess is that she is pretty liberal.


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Thanks Oagre. I guess We doubled up today. I have never heard of this place until i looked around this board so I thought i would give it a go. I know what you mean about the beds. When we started FS, the bed was against the wall. I heard Lola say OMG we moved the bed. I looked up and we were 3/4 across the room heading to the bathroom. :lol: BTW there is CIM on the menu but as always YMMV
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