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IN-Call Lola @ Naughty Girls- Just What I Needed

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Joined Nov 4, 2009
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Decided to try out Naughty Girls and I caught this hot student between exams when she was in town earlier this week. All reports of Lola are accurate. She is a pretty young thing with a fantastic figure and great titties. Highlights included any position that we had FS. Very Fuckalicious. She is relentless with her BJ. At one point, she positioned her head to hang off the bed and guided me into her mouth for a bit of FFng. BBBJCIMSW. Was very pleased with Lola. Seems to be a bit nervous but the great attitude and desire to please is definitely there. Would recommend and repeat. Redlight


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Nice review RL, very informative, she's one that I'll pay a visit in the near future, thanks for sharing it.


Nice to hear a fresh report about Lola. I saw her a few weeks ago and then lost track of her and was wondering if she had retired.


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3somesarethenewblack said:
Redlight, short but sweet. I have added Lola to Sentry's TDL.

LOL Such lovely couple you are taking care of each other's needs. RL does she look her age or younger.


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Redlight, how about rates are the same of Hailey's $220/hr or Maii's $200/hr?


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iceman_dci said:
If I could tell myself that I would have to not pay attention to Hailey, I would SOOOOO love to do a duo with Hailey and Lola.... wow, that would be killer!!

I asked Mark but its tough to get them to work on the same day, dam

Borey the Bald

All her reviews have been stellar except for one which is a great ratio.

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