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Joined Nov 6, 2009
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I can't post too many pics because this little hottie's pics do not do her justice.

I went in on a what the hell thought based on the pics but when that door opened I was like FAWK YESSSSSSSS!

This little lady is very pretty, bubbly with an infectious smile and a great little body.

No ink, all natural with the sexiest landing runway to lead me to the pot of gold, DAMN!

OH, one more thing is her little booty. DAMN FINE little booty.

Hush is a snap to book. I'm a last minute guy, so hard to pre-book for me but with Hush it's quick and easy.

Service wise, she's a spitter. This little rookie who I seen only on her second day everrrrrr is a spitter. OMG, she spat on Dickhead and the little fucker was showering. He just kept looking back at me smiling and trying to spit back but he didn't have the range!

I had an awesome time with Lily, great girl!


Jees man, you could've told me before you released the hounds!:biggrin2:


Joined Aug 12, 2011
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Rai, are you seeing their new girl Alia. WOW, she looks awesome.


Joined Apr 15, 2015
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Rai, don't ever slow down, I love reading your reviews. Plus, you do not want Kirk or any of the other guys to get ahead of you, do you?
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