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Lily Divine 2151 Review

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Joined Feb 12, 2015
Messages 183
Another Long overdue review.....

On my way to my Toronto visit I stopped of to meet the amazing Lily Divine. Contacting Lily is always easy and whenever messaged she always replies in good time. Lily was also very helpful in the planning of my Toronto visit. She helped research and answer any questions I ever had. Thanks Lily ;)

I only had one problem, I got myself lost!!! Lily was not from the area and I lost a lot of time.... BUT Lily was a trooper and fought and helped guide me to her front door. Thank you was an adventure.

Finally I had arrived!! Lily Divine greeted me at the front door with a kiss and a warm hug...hmmm so warm. Lily is truly beautiful with a killer sexy smile. The location was extremely clean and upper class. Lily led me up the stairs and was easy to talk to right from the moment she opened the door.

I was just off work and after a four hour drive I was overdue for a much needed shower. I quickly brushed my teeth and was nicely surprised by Lily and and nice lfk. Lily helped me undress and she quickly undressed also. Lily is slightly bigger than her pictures but more than makes up for it in experience and personality. Lily joined me in a sensual shower as we played for a bit under the warm water and teased each other.

After the shower Lily led me to the bedroom where she has a few surprises. That is something you will have to learn about. ;) Lily treated me to an amazing bbbj and some other surprises. Lily is extremely bendable! I grew hungry fast and was time for daty. Lily is very oral and likes to communicate which only makes the experience even better.

When Lily couldn't take anymore we got into a hot WET cowgirl. Lily knows how to play and it shows!! We played in several positions. Lily enjoys every moment and it shows. She was never in a rush and the sexy talk is always at the right moment. We switched positions again into a hot doggy style and Lily can take whatever you can dish out. Lily drained me of everything I had, it was an amazing experience.

We enjoyed a few goodies I bought her and talked for a bit before it was time for me to move on to my next stop. At no time was I ever rushed. She never played on her phone nor was she a clock watcher. I felt at ease and comfortable.

Lily Divines prices are well worth the service and then some. She walked me out and I left with a kiss and a hug.

Thank you Lily for an amazing time...I hope to see you again soon. :good:

Repeat - YES!! :biggrin2:

Vader75 :-Cool/"
Joined Sep 10, 2015
Messages 1,482
I wanted to ad that Lily has a great and kind attitude. I have never seen her for an incall, but I have interacted with her through industry channels. She seems like a friendly person, which is always a plus.
Joined Dec 1, 2009
Messages 3,861
Good to see the OP had his priorities straight and made a pitstop for some fun before going towards his destination.Praise-Bowing
Joined Mar 14, 2013
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Bensky said:
Why can't I view her daily schedules here?.

I am working on that. Sorry... I was on a bit of a 'forum hiatus'.

*very bad girl... got spanked for being a smart ass*

To be blunt. She is fat.

Don't ban me for telling the truth.

Here's the thing... You may find me fat, but a lot of men who like 'fat chicks' get pissy that I just don't fit their size requirements. To each their own!

There are members that like the curvy ones.

Thank goodness they do! It takes all kinds to make the world go round.


And in the time honoured Lily Tradition:

Reviews get a photo!

'unedited booty selfie to make up for my silence? Only editing - sepia, and cropping my face!'

Now if you will excuse me I have to go get some more belts. That whole... Waist... Bum... Pant size variance is getting to me.
Joined Sep 10, 2015
Messages 1,482
To be blunt. She is fat.

Don't ban me for telling the truth.

Most women are fat nowadays - it is the North American diet.

I am jealous of fat chicks. I eat and eat and eat, but still have a hard time putting on the weight.

Right now, I am 5'11" and weigh 180 lbs. But, I have to constantly eat - sometimes 5 times a day - just to maintain my weight. If I work long shifts and dont eat well, I will easily drop 10 pounds within a month.
Joined Feb 12, 2015
Messages 183
Lily may be a bit larger but she doesnt lie about it. She is honest and very intelegent.
Like I said in my review she is all fun and puts 200% into her meetings. If you dont like larger women then dont book her, but if your looking for an original out of this world fun Lily. I was surprised how much effort and personal touch she puts in from minute she meets you.

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