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Lili @Midnight

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Lili @Midnight

Wandered off the well-trodden path and ended up at Midnight to see Lili.
Pics are accurate. I’d guesstimate her age at ~23.
A coffee coloured Spanish looking lass is what/who greets you at the door. Lili has above average, classical looks and greets you with an infectious smile.
Adorn with a sprinkling of upper body tats + tongue piercing + nose ring which collectively portrayed the tiniest hint of a woman who can take care of herself in difficult circumstances.

Sinewy torso/ upper limbs – chest dotted with pencil erasers nips, exactly as depicted -- lean, yet curvy thighs, and a round, delectable (for others; I don’t dato! :biggrin2:) tush. A tad too spinnerish for me, but she is just be what the doc ordered for spinner lovers.

As far as service goes, two things stood out. Her soft, sensual kissable lips, and the seemingly pious devotion with which she delivered bbbj and bls.
A champion cg rider; the type who squats while pumping up and down. Doggie, not surprising given her superbly carved derriere, is the pièce de résistance; all received with passion, squirming, moaning—the hallmark of a gfe session.

Didn’t ask for cim….so not sure if it’s among her repertoire.
No to front digits! Light back door play was allowed once she became sensually engulfed, and in the throes of passion. Was told that a C-note would allow this passenger to upgrade to greek cabin (view is apparently better)…but I did not partake.
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I enjoyed my session with Lili as well. Nice girl, easy to talk to and makes you feel quite comfortable right from the moment you enter.
I would put her on my repeat list if timing and circumstances are correct.
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