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Asian-Sexybabe Lena @ ASB

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Joined Apr 14, 2016
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Long time fan of ASB in Mississauga, decided to try a week ago one of their newer ladies - Lena.

Many of the ladies at ASB will be advertised as 19-22 years old, will look that young when you first enter the condo, but up close you realize they are more likely later 20's or even older - but still beautiful.

Lena truly looks 19-21 years old, even right up close. She is truly the Korean Model you expect to see at a car show or on top of a sports bike in a photo shoot. Body is great, well done man mades up top, one of the most beautiful faces of any ASB lady working right now.

Session was A+ for effort, she really wants you to have a great time. Her english is just enough...she tries hard to explain her thoughts with what she knows...and be patient with her, she enjoys chatting with you before and after all the fun. SF2 was typical clean up and teasing of BBBJ and BLS - both were light, soft and sensual. I prefer more intense style, but she's new and very petite so I understood and enjoyed it as is.

On the bed was more teasing with body kisses and her soft style BBBJ and BLS. On went the dome and she started RCG. I'm not huge and I'm not small - to her however I was about all she could handle. Took her a few strokes to get comfortable and she became vocal in our session throughout the positions.

If not obvious, she's tight...petite, young, and tight. Once I was in doggy and could keep the action going it didn't take long for me to reach the finish line.

Both happy we chatted a bit more, SF2 and out the door.

Repeat? You bet, when I'm in the mood for some serious eye candy and I can live with the soft style foreplay.

Borey The Bald II

Wow she has to be put on my TDL.



What more can I ask for :good:

she's tight...petite, young, and tight


Joined Sep 17, 2011
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So they are not Completely a BS operation as you put it but they still lie about their ages :no:
Joined Apr 14, 2016
Messages 57
Chevy said:
So they are not Completely a BS operation as you put it but they still lie about their ages :no:

I hear where you are coming from. 90% of the Asian ads on BP are FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. First hand experience (walked) and countless reviews on other boards confirm this.

ASB - the photos are 100% the lady you see. Sometimes it's 'best angle' and perhaps a little touch up - but seriously - you can expect 75% to 100% of what you see in the photo to be who you meet when you arrive.

As for age - yes, because asian women can often pass for younger than their real age (in this hobby and in all walks of life I find) ASB will always write their ladies are between 19-23 years old, even if some are much older.

That said, still some great ladies at ASB - and for those who have been there before, I wanted to confirm that Lena is truly 19-21 years old from what I can tell from being up close and personal with her.

I'm repeating with her this week. :)
Joined Mar 28, 2010
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Nice review. I've used ASB a couple of times. I should investigate again. Thank for the heads up.

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