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The killers laughed as if what they had done was nothing. A cheap floozy, dead for a bit of drugged out fun. That, Hannah Cornelius, most certainly was not. She touched everyone who ever met her. But in South Africa, life is apparently appallingly cheap.

The details of the 21-year-old’s sickening death have forced the troubled country to take a long, dark look in the mirror.
It was fate that put the pretty blond in the morgue in the most heinous way imaginable.

Hannah was dropping off a pal at around 3:40 a.m. after a night out in Cape Town in May of 2017.
That’s when her blue Volkswagen Golf — a birthday gift from her grandmother — was carjacked by four burly men.
Her male friend was stuffed in the trunk of the car.

Watching the car on CCTV, we all know the heartbreaking ending to the tale.

The two terrified students were taken to a remote area outside the South African city where her male friend was robbed and nearly beaten to death with a rock.
Geraldo Parsons, 27, Vernon Witbooi, 33, Eben van Niekerk, 28, and Nashville Julius, 29. They had rape on their minds.

Hannah begged the men not to kill her after they “have sex with her,” cops later said. That plea for mercy did not matter.
Take Parsons. He was a real prince.

He had plastic pearls embedded in his penis. It would make the rape of Hannah significantly more painful.
“While I was driving Vernon gave me a condom. I don’t know where he got it from. Vernon said Hannah said we can have sex with her but then we must leave her after that,” a sobbing Parsons later said.

Parsons was first in line to rape the terrified Hannah. Witbooi and van Niekerk then joined in.
Julius opted out.

And he added, you know, this terrible thing “didn’t feel right.”
Because, you know, he had a wife and child at home.

Wired out of their minds on crystal meth, the men then bashed Hannah’s head in with a rock. The only mercy being that a pathologist said she would have been dead instantly.
Hannah’s death touched the whole nation. She became everyone’s daughter.
For her mother and father, it was too much to bear.

Hannah’s dad, Willem Cornelius testified how months after the tragedy the dead woman’s heartbroken mother walked into the stormy and frigid Atlantic Ocean and “didn’t return.”
Anna Cornelius “became a shadow of herself.”

“My family died with Hannah,” her father sadly said, calling his late wife “the strongest and most competent person I have ever met.”
“I do not believe that she committed suicide…but what I do believe is that she did not have the physical or mental strength left to counter any difficulties that she may have experienced,” he said.

A veteran judge, Willem Cornelius is finished, certain he could no longer be impartial. He is forever compromised.
Nor could he listen to testimony about the sexual defilement of Hannah.
“I couldn’t bear to hear what they did to my daughter,” he told reporters.

But what about Hannah? Willem Cornelius’ testimony is worth reprinting at length.
Testimony to a “remarkable young woman.”

“Both me and her mother were immensely proud of raising a child for the new South Africa, a child without the baggage of our generations, with little interest in money or material things, with no prejudice regarding race, religion or social standing. A remarkable child on the cusp of growing into a remarkable young woman.”
As for his autistic son?

“Every night, he stops in front of a framed photograph of Hannah and asks, ‘When are her holidays over? When is she coming home?’”


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I need more time to search the true story and hope to find other professional reasons.
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