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La Suites Barcelona - Saray - Oct 2019

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La Suites Barcelona -

Review: (Spain) La Suites Barcelona -.

URL / Website:

General Area: Calle Tarragona, 177 Barcelona (2nd Floor).

Just around the corner from the Train station or across the street from BurgerKing which my GPS had an address for.

Activities: kiss on the cheek, CBJ, DATY, 69, CG, K9, Mish.

Session Length: 30 min.

Fee: 120 E + 50 E DATY.

Hair Length and Color: Long Brownish Blonde wavy hair to her ass.

Age: 21.

Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell.

Physical Description: Pictures are REAL & so are her Tits!

Nationality: Colombian Languages: Spanish, English.

Measures: 89 x55 x90.

Weight: 45 kg (100 lbs).

Height: 161 cm (5' 3".

Hair: Blonde.

Breast: Natural.

The Rest of the Story: After sightseeing all afternoon I had some time to kill as I didn't want to get stuck in rush hour traffic on the way back to my hotel. I decided to check out El Eden53 I had read about on a review board. A google search didn't turn up any address except at Arago & Tarragona. I drove there but didn't see any El Eden 53. The only thing on the corner was a Pharmacy at Arago 1. There was no room to park so tried to drive around the corner but Tarragona was one way to the right so I had to go way down to a traffic circle to get back to the intersection. Still couldn't find it. On to plan be. Tried to program La Suites address into my GPS but it couldn't find that address. I remembered seeing a parking garage on google nearby so I headed there. After parking I had to go thru a hotel to get out but as I walked down Tarragona I found #177 right next to the parking entrance.

I pressed the button for La Suites & was buzzed in. On the 2nd floor I again pressed the button for La Suites and a receptionist opened the door to let me in. Once inside I was informed that the base rate was 120 E for 1/2 HR and? HR. Which included Shower, CBJ, massage & sex with a condom for the time in room. I told her that was fine and she took me to room and told me to wait. A few minutes later a tall well blonde entered the room and greeted me with her name & kisses on both cheeks. I figured maybe you were just given a girl in this place but then the blonde left. A minute later another girl entered the room and approached me again repeating the greeting process. After about 6 girls I figured I needed to pick one but then the door opened and another girl came in. They kept coming and after 10 I started forgetting their names. Then a sexy young model like girl came in. She said her name was Seer- raah. A few more came in but I had already made up my mind. Then the receptionist came in and asked if any appealed to me. I told her it was Seer-raah. She asked who? I replied the 3rd from the last with long wavy hair. She left and returned with the right girl was Colombian and her name was Saray.

Saray asked how long I wanted to see her and I replied for my 1st visit I was only doing a 1/2 HR. I then handed her 120 Euros. She then asked me to use the large glass enclosed shower in the corner of the room. After a shower I toweled off and the Saray took a shower as I watched. Not only was Saray facially attractive but she had a sexy slender but curvy body with see Cup breasts. She was standing sideways as she showered then she turned toward me. Crap. She had a huge Tat just below her breasts to her tummy. It was like someone painted a mustache on the Mona Lisa. After her shower Saray joined me on the bed. I asked exactly what services were included in the rate. Saray held up a condom and informed that it included a BJ only with condom, a massage, and sex only with condom. When I asked about 69 and she said 50 E extra. I told her just the basics then.

Saray used lube to start with massaging my Dick and balls as I reached up to massage her breasts. She leaned in toward me and I lifted my head up to kiss her. She pulled back and informed that was extra. I told her no thanks. Saray now had me hard and as she reached for a condom I told her I would pay the extra. She bent down and kissed my Dick. I was a little surprised as I recalled her saying BJ was with a condom only. Not wanting to run up my bill too much more I then informed her that I wanted to lick her pussy. Sarah moved next to me and I began massaging and kissing her breasts. I then moved down and licked her pussy for a while until she started moaning softly. Now I had a dilemma. How long do I lick her sweet pussy to get my 50 E worth but then taking away from the time my Dick could be inside her mouth and pussy?

After a few minutes I moved up and Saray moved down to apply a condom & start a CBJ. The BJ was nice even with the condom and since the room had mirrors on the wall & ceiling I was able to watch it from different angles. A few minutes later Saray applied some lube and after a few attempts she was able to get me inside her snug pussy. She was now moving her pussy up & down onto my Dick as I massaged her breasts. When I began to push into her pussy harder Sarah leaned forward. I then grabbed her petite ass and thrust into her harder & Faster as she made whimpering noises. Next I had her move for Doggy and watched myself in the mirrors fucking her sweet young body. Saray began pushing back onto my Dick so I let go of her hips and reached back to hold her ankles. Again I watched us in the mirror as the room was full of the sounds of Sarah's moans in between the loud noise of her ass slapping against me. I glanced at the clock and time was getting close so I had Sarah flip over on her back. She applied more Lube and guided my Dick into her. We fucked hard and fast with her arms around my shoulders until I popped. As I got up she pointed to my Dick and gave me a thumbs up.

Another quick shower for me then her before we dressed. I gave her the 50 E extra and then I figured since I made her happy I leaned in for a kiss. She turned her head and I ended up kissing her cheek. Sarah left the room and a few minutes later the receptionist came in to escort me out. It was expensive but Saray was hot. While I don't regret my visit if I'm ever in Barcelona again I will probably not go back. By the time I got my rental it was 7 PM so I had an easy drive back to my Hotel. The next morning I flew out to meet up with friends in Frankfurt to re-visit the FKK & Sauna Clubs there.

Recommendation: Yes.


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