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With the success of my pal Rayden's recent exploits at GSpot, I finally decided to give them a call.

Talking with friendly phone girl and she says that she has 3 lovely ladies near the Airport; I figured I've been away for so long, pooning downtown and giving all of you financial district perverts a run for your money, I decided to spread my love in the ole Hood.

, and were available. Friendly phone Girl says "Kristina is available now......and that includes Greek.." :eek: All points taken care of and she suited my drive by splash and dash agenda and off I went.

Nice quiet hotel and I get the room number, up I go. Click click click (geez, haven't heard that in a long time). Kristina answers the door and welcomes me in. Donation, and before she asks, I hop in the shower...hold on, deja vu...Cookie. No kiss, no hug, not even a handshake....fuuuuuck man! I take a quick one and out I come and Kristina is on the bed relaxed. I jump on and we start a conversation about me, her, the state of the economy, what I want to do, what I'd like to do, how's my hair lookin' after my shower, does this towel make me look fat...?

Start of with LFK and I try to go for some DFK...more like MFK (please see MT). Grope grope grope...she asks me if I would like a blow job...sure, why not! MT. I think she tried to pull my cock off in her hand in between sucking hahaha, I'm pretty sure my ass left the bed a coupla times. "Want to put on a condom?" Don't rush me girl!! Keep suckin'. I took her by the back of the head a couple of times to try to get more inspired by doing a little reverse FF. Not working. "Okay, I'm ready for the condom.." sigh.

SquattingCowGirl (is this what Sitting Bull's sister mighta been named??). I held on to her legs but was told it made her efforts harder, so I grabbed my blanky instead. Couple of minutes of this and I was told it was my turn; Okie dokie....sigh. Mish, Boston Crab and the session started to feel better...OH SHIT WAIT!! I forgot about the DATY in between MFT and MT! REVERSE<<<<<. So I begin my trek down below and meet with Alotta...Alotta Fagina..Actually, Kristina's kitty is nice and receptive to DATY with a clitty stud attached. Brought her to big O with a "holy fuck are you good at that..." Gold Star, yay me. NO MORE TOUCHY KITTY, BERRY BERRY SENSITIVE.... FAST FWD>>>>>> Pounding away in Mish was getting me hard (I thought I was losing it during MT). Kristina seemed to enjoy the pounding as much as I was enjoying giving her the pounding. Slowed down and went through the gears. up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill.

CLOCK CHECK!. I had about 20 minutes left. Whisper in her ear "Can we try greek?" how sweet eh? Kinda like, "Baby, I love you, you're the best...can I fuck you in the ass now?" Lube up and she gets in to the ready K9-AF position (figure it out boys..). Before Tab A goes in to Slot B, I was told that I couldn't pound her in the ass like I was pounding her pussy...Fair enough!! Insertion protocal taken care of, and engage. Blew my load inside her ass and it was a happy ending for all, I was happy I blew my load, and Kristina was happy my dick was out of her ass.

Quick clean up in the shower and off I go.

I took the booking because of GDL's review. He made reference to Kristina's "Spinner type body". Sorry Kristina, you don't fall in to that category. You are a full figured woman in my eyes with curves in the right places. You have a beautiful face and very nice eyes and the service was good. GDL...tsk tsk tsk, 5'7" and 135lbs a spinner does not make...tsk tsk tsk.

I did feel a bit rushed and was instructed througout the session of do's and don'ts; to no fault, some guys just don't get it and when seeing an SP for the first time, she should have this perogative. The lack of DFK made me soft. The no fly zone at the Y after her O was a bit of a let down, but if she's very sensitive afterwards, then I can understand, I just love going forever on DATY. MISH pounding was the hilite of the session. Greek was ok, but lack of movement and apparent non-enjoyment did not escalate the session. Perhaps it was a YMMV situation, I dunno. She did tell me that I was good looking at the end of the session...yay me...?

If what you're after is a good fuck with a girl that looks like Kristina, then she's your girl. No secret that I like the Ultimate GFE session and this wasn't it; more of a good fuck and optional anal mixed in.

No Repeat in the works.


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 431
An honest but uprorious review, do not believe GDL ever called her a spinner Iceman.


Joined Nov 6, 2009
Messages 6,565
Thanks Iceman, you saved me on this one. As we discussed I was going to book her that same day, but something came up. WHEW, you saved me some coin on this one.

I like her look based on the pics but based on the service she sounds a bit lame.


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Joined Dec 8, 2009
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iceman_dci said:
I may be old but I ain't senile...what were you saying again..?

Your absolutely right I did say that, my interpretation is obviously in need of calibration, <125 is what I would say is spinner at the top end. I will be very carefull in future about weight as I guess i'm not as critical as some. Please help me out here with a definition so I won't make the same mistake, I have no intention of misleading anyone.

You got a very different type session than I, with me it was hot and more of a passionate type GFE with lots of DFK and not a full session pounding type. I wonder if we made more of a connection as we talked for about 15 min before things got going. You definitely did more PSE stuff of which I wasn't looking for.

I'm sorry things didn't work out as you had hoped.


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Joined Jan 18, 2010
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Thanks Iceman I also need clarifications are spinners not classified as 110 lb or less that has always been my assumption.


Everyone has different tastes and expectations. It's always useful to see different opinions on the ladies, paints a more accurate picture.


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Ice, I told you to carry the torch and you're carrying the torch.

Great review bro'. Too many hilarious quotes to mention. You were obviously with the muse when you punched out this one. Tears in my eyes ( MLOL )..... you figure it out.


Holy shit ice even when its not one of your best you entertain us with your humor.


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Joined Nov 12, 2009
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Thanks bro very funny and informative review. She's beautiful but I'll pass on her. You saved me some money on this girl, thanks again.


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Joined Jan 5, 2010
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iceman_dci said:
Big O, we miss ya Brother. Glad to see you still lurking in my rear view.

MLOL = My Lovely Old Loins...?

Multiple Laugh Out Louds

s a l s a

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Personally I'm not big on labels. Back-to-basics........ is she hot? nice T & A? take it up the ass? Yes, Yes, Yes :)
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