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IN-Call Kirk's POV Review: Maxime @ Mirage

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Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
Messages 3,861
Maxime, the Quebec import has returned to Mirage for this coming week. I'm not sure if she will stay longer, but because of her availability this week, below is a previous review of her on another for your reference if you decide to pay her a visit.

After seeing Jessie of Mirage previously, I was told that Maxime is Jessie's half sister, so the perv in me wanted to bang both sisters. Maxime told me that they were half-sisters and are only a few months apart in terms of age (so I guess that they are sisters from different mothers).

Maxime greeted me at the door in jeans and and simple top. Although not sexy, her clothing turned me on because it was like meeting a young chick at the Eaton Centre and taking her back for a spin. Maxime has dark shoulder length hair and her face is cute...mostly because she looks young. She is also small and skinny...the spinner type, just how I like it. I would say that she is a cute GND. IMHO, Jessie has a prettier face than Maxime.

Maxime seems reserved and shy, but probably because English is not her first language. Compared to Jessie, Maxime is not as talkative. After my shower, Maxime took off her jeans and top and got all naked to reveal a petite tight body with only a couple of small tattoos. Body-wise, Jessie and Maxime have the same body type. I was really horny, so when I took off my towel, I had a full-on hard-on...Maxime looked at Jr. and gave me a little smile and eyebrow raise acknowledging Jr.

Started off with bbbj which was very good. Lots of eye contact and slurping. However, Jessie's bbbj was better because she used alot of tongue and deep throated and gagged alot. Maxime's bbbj is a bit more tamed. DATY was clean and well received by Maxime.

I then asked for her to put on the condom and ride me. Wow, this girl is tight! She was riding me up and down while we dfk from time to time. Moved on to missionary and pounded away while her knees where raised up to her ears. The sexy thing about Maxime is that she maintains eye contact the entire time. However, she is pretty quiet during the session and you have to read her subtle facial reactions to see if she was enjoy it while Jessie was pretty vocal throughout the session.

We then switched to doggie, which is my Pièce de résistance in terms of sexual positions. In this position, I go wild and really hard...I love seeing the girl squirm and squeal in ecstacy while I'm pounding her from behind. Usually I get a pretty good reaction, but with Maxime, she just took and took the pounding, but not much of a reaction other than a few soft moans. From doggie, I pushed her onto her stomach and rode her on top where I finally came. I was sweating buckets and collapsed in exhaustion.

Overall, the session was good, but not as good as with Jessie. Jessie seemed more engaged and "into" the banging than Maxime. If you are just looking to bang a young spinner and looking for variety, I would recommend Maxime. However, if you are looking for more interaction with a girl, I would look somewhere else or go see Jessie.


Senior Member
Joined Mar 10, 2010
Messages 340
Thanks for the review Kirk. She looks great in those pictures.


Well-known member
Joined Jan 28, 2010
Messages 899
Excellent review Kirk can you compare her DFK to another SP?.

Knight Rider

Well-known member
Joined Nov 14, 2009
Messages 1,471
Excellent review, KL.

It is well balanced and very informative. Thanks for sharing.

Joined Dec 7, 2009
Messages 807
Great review Kirk. Saw her last year and I agree with your assessment.

She is fairly talkative if you speak French. Her English is not that strong, but she gets by.

My ratings:
Face: 7.5
Body: 8.5 (I like spinners and she fits my description of one)
Service: 8 (pretty much what KL listed, CIM was an extra $20)
Repeat: Yes. I did see her 3-4 times from late 2008 to early 2009.

For those who don't like smokers, I think she might be one. I did not detect the smell on her, but she did have a lighter beside her purse on the table.


Joined Dec 1, 2009
Messages 3,967
Excellent review Kirk. I really appreciate the fact that you keep comparing Maxime to Jessie in your Maxime review. I personally find it very helpful. Thanks again!!


Hey you perv how about doing a duo with both half sisters. it will bring you up to supreme Pervert status. :cool:

Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
Messages 3,861
Beenthere123 said:
Hey you perv how about doing a duo with both half sisters. it will bring you up to supreme Pervert status. :cool:

LOL. I'm not man enough to do any duo's yet let alone indulging in a half-sister sandwich. :eek:

Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
Messages 3,861
king21 said:
Thanks review Kirk, I saw Maxime about a year ago, her hair was really short back then, is it full length now as in her pics?

Yes she is very very tight!, She actually yelled out "Tabernac"! as I entered in her in mish position.

This was a review on a session about a year ago and I decided to post it here since she has returned. When I saw her, her hair was full length as in the pics, but it could've been extensions. LOL about her yelling tabernac when you entered her. I did not get that reaction, but probably because I'm not as thick as you. LOL.


Senior Member
Joined Mar 11, 2010
Messages 964
Beenthere123 said:
Hey you perv how about doing a duo with both half sisters. it will bring you up to supreme Pervert status. :cool:
Are you saying that if someone did a duo with Jessie and Maxime, they would be put into the "Supreme Pervert" status


SloCumHeat said:
Are you saying that if someone did a duo with Jessie and Maxime, they would be put into the "Supreme Pervert" status

Apologies for hijacking the thread, but.... When I went to the MGF party in early Feb, Oceanne was there with her cousine, a brunette. I was given to understand that Oc wasn't available for sex that night and was just hostessing. However, a little later she got an offer she couldn't refuse and disappeared into 1 of the upstairs rooms with a monsieur and la cousine aussi.

Both girls were a little drunk and giggly and they were just casually dressed in jeans and sneakers, etc. Since that time, I have imagined them self-consciously stripping in front of each other and shyly checking each other out and thinking how "weird" and "dirty" it was to be having a 3-way with a strange dude and a close female friend / relative, but how the guy was offering so much money they couldn't refuse.........

This is about the point oagre Jr starts to get active and join in the fantasy.......


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 466
Thanks for the good review, and thanks Oagre for the visual.:razz:


Senior Member
Joined Mar 18, 2010
Messages 1,702
Thanks for the review. Maxime has been reviewed before (not all bad) but Jessie is clearly the better chioce.

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