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Out-Call Kirk's POV Review: Callie of Lace & Stilettos

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Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
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I'm back! Been away for a couple of weeks on business, but now back in Toronto and back to hobby in of the best cities for this. Also glad to be back on here to continue my contributions. Here is my review of Callie who I saw a couple of months ago.

To start off, I think that her rate of $500/hour and her professional pics by Santillo, set my expectations too high in terms of looks. She is a good looking girl for sure and I love her wavy brown hair. However, other girls I've seen at $250-$300 range are hotter IMHO...I'm thinking of Cory @ Roommates, Paris @ GOE and Kristin @ Roommates. Callie is nice and tanned with smooth skin, but she does have some blemishes on her face (yes, picky I know, but I am spending $500). Bodywise, nice smooth and toned legs, thin, flat tummy and great boob job.

I greeted her at my door and was relieved that she was the same girl in the pics, but at the same time was disappointed in that I expected a more beautiful girl. I know its very subject and probably unfair to say this to a beautiful girl, but her pics and high rate set my expectations too high. Not her fault.

Callie is a very sweet and outgoing girl. Very easy to talk to and laughs a lot. After a few minutes of chatting, I was eager to get to the action. I leaned in for a kiss and she grabbed my head and began a deep and aggressive dfk. This instantly had Kirk Jr. at attention. She started to slowly unbutton my shirt, but I was impatient and removed all my clothes as quickly as I could. She took the queue and took all of her clothes at the same speed to reveal her thin, toned and tanned body. She was completely shaved (except for the hair on her head) and very smooth to the touch. She does have some blemishes on her face, but nothing noticeable.

With small kisses, I made my way away from her lips, down to her neck, shoulders, stopped and enjoyed her breasts for a few extra seconds, then proceeded to her tight midsection before I arrived at the Y destination for some DATY. This was received well by Callie as demonstrated by some moans and gyrating of her hips. DATY was sweet and delicious. Not sure if digits was available as when my fingers were on the outside and close to going in, she would gentle guide my hand away.

We then exchanged positions and she started a bbbj on Kirk Jr. BBBJ was okay, but nothing extraordinary. After a few minutes of bbbj, I covered up Kirk Jr. and asked her to ride me in cowgirl so I could look up at her body and grab those man-mades of hers. We did several positions including doggie, and several versions of missionary. Callie does love to bang hard and vocal about it too, especially in missionary. As I kept banging away, she kept saying "don't stop, don't stop" which only encouraged me to drill away as hard and as fast as I could until I could stand it no more and erupted.

Overall, the experience was okay...not great. At $500, I expected something different than the other ladies at a lower price range, but I did not feel that way after the session. I don't know what could have been offered more because she was beautiful and service was good, but I guess I had unreasonable expectations based on the $500/hr rate. IMHO, Cory @ Roommates is hotter facially and would rate equally in terms of service and body type, but at a more reasonable price of $250. Daphne @ Mirage would rate better at service, and is at a more reasonable rate of $300.

I would not repeat because there are better options for me at more reasonable prices.

I think that Callie is overpriced for my budget...but I'm sure there is no shortage of guys willing to pay that price. The looks and service is more in-line with the $300 range. I was glad I booked Callie for the experience, but in hindsight, $250-$300 could get you an hour with Kristin @ Roommates (with no dfk), Cory @ RM, Abby @ Mirage, Paris @ GOE or Angelique @ Mirage for comparable looks and service. I would not repeat in that price range as there are equal if not better alternatives at a lower price. Still worth the one time experience if you are curious like me.


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Re: Kirk's POV Review: Callie of Lace & Stilettos

Thanks for the good review and information about this SP. The pictures look great glad you TOFTT, will save my money


Re: Kirk's POV Review: Callie of Lace & Stilettos

Wow Kirk nice ride you went on ;) Thanks for info and the good review



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Joined Nov 27, 2009
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Re: Kirk's POV Review: Callie of Lace & Stilettos

Welcome back dude, appreciate your review and will do the same and save my money. She does look great in those pictures. ;)


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Joined Nov 10, 2009
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Re: Kirk's POV Review: Callie of Lace & Stilettos

Thanks for you honest review KL members like you save me mucho mula ;)

_ _

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Joined Dec 14, 2009
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Re: Kirk's POV Review: Callie of Lace & Stilettos

Kirk, your info is once again appreciated. $500/hr is definitely too rich for my blood.


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Re: Kirk's POV Review: Callie of Lace & Stilettos

Nice review Kirk ;)

blood sports

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Joined Feb 5, 2010
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Nicely balanced review Kirk. I find the best reviews cover all different angles. Thanks.


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iceman_dci said:
Have scoped out all of the girls from this agency and they're way out of my league. I gladly see Rebecca/Gen and all of the lovely ladies at their donation level with the excellent service and reviews they give; it's a bonus that they are also absolutely stunning.

Bravo Ice.


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When # of her clients start drying-up, she'll drop her prices. Maybe then I'll pay her a visit. :wink:
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