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Kendra Lee - My favorite unicorn - Catch her when you can - 6597

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Joined Apr 14, 2016
Messages 57
This week past my favorite unicorn of a SP appeared once again, and her sessions only get better and better. For those who know her, I speak of Kendra Lee - one of the ultimate blond spinners to grace us in the GTA.

I found this long lasting link:

I met Kendra 2? 3? years ago when she was a dancer as a west end club. Back then she was too slim, even for me. The few years since then however has filled her in nicely, she's super fit, beautiful face (as seen in the link above, photos are 100% her and no touch up) of the BEST bubble butts - the perfect 18-year-old-who-squats-on-a-5'2-frame-type-butts you will ever find.

In the 2 years since I first met her I have noticed she works for a few weeks every 3-5 months. Kendra is not someone you want to make your regular, as she just disappears and stops answering her work number...only to appear again months later.

I confess, I search her name once a week on BP, a few seconds each week leads to the chance to enjoy her once again and so worth it.

This week's session was like all those before. She's prompt in texting (when she's available) and manages her schedule well. Arrive at her hotel she's always fresh and ready, shower awaits you with towels (she appreciates you scrubbing up) and then...

...light but flowing conversation. LFK, mostly teasing kisses...lie back and let her BBBJ (or CBJ if you prefer) until you're ready to go...pop on the dome and watch that tiny spinner body mount you in CG...tight is an understatement. She will ride you and enjoys her work, quietly I must admit (her face gives away her pleasure but she's a quiet lady) - I do suggest taking the lead, communicate what you like and she appreciates.

After riding we switched to mish for a bit, one of the few ladies I can enjoy in this position (not a favorite for me) as we fit so well together and then, roll her over to doggy style/lay down doggy....that butt of hers is just that dam amazing...and she can take a good pounding (I'm nearly 3 times her weight and never an issue).

Not sure about CIM - doubt it, but I have always popped in CFS with her so hence I don't know. Super friendly, super hot spinner - but I can imagine if the gent is quiet/shy it might be a little awkward...simply speak up and she will respond well.

Hopefully she's working again this week - all her BP ads are down like usual when she's not working - if you see her, and you like spinners - she's worth the drive.

120 for the HH, not sure about the hour.



Joined Mar 4, 2011
Messages 1,876
Thanks for the preview. Cute spinner! Not sure about drive to Hamilton for hh but just may be.
Joined Apr 14, 2016
Messages 57
diner1 said:
Thanks for the preview. Cute spinner! Not sure about drive to Hamilton for hh but just may be.

She bounces around. Oakville area (so not all the way into Hamilton, at least that I have seen) is a favorite area for her and last week she was up in Vaughn. Because she goes by 'Kendra Lee' it's easy to search for her full escort name and see if she's working.

Then next time we are in the same city and she's working I plan to see her for a hh in the early afternoon and go back after dinner for a second hh - I'm not a 2 SOG in an hour type of guy (need a few hours to recharge, lol) but have done this with my favorite SP's before - told her and she likes my idea/game to book me in twice in a day. :)
Joined Apr 14, 2016
Messages 57
Benito_775 said:
Can you please explain what this means. kind of confused.

Is this escort affiliated with the POLICE?
Theres a lot of talk, read whats going on with this escort here and read about police stings in that have recently been seen!

Sorry Gents, I figured this board had fully covered this bullshit websites and their meaning. This website and others like it will scour backpages for ads and photos - then present them like 'they are part of the police' - in order to strike fear into you - the purpose?

They are selling Adultfriend finder, webcam girls, online only bullshit websites.

For all of us that know they are FAKE, these websites do make great long lasting repositories of SP ads who are not posting every week in our area - hence my suggestion of it as a 'long lasting link' - to see her photos.
Joined Apr 14, 2016
Messages 57
King Kong said:
She works in Kingston or the GTA?.

Vaughan last week, Oakville is where I found her originally and would expect to see her next. If I see her post again I will reply to this thread so others may enjoy her as well.

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