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I was in a mood for a PSE session. Called a few numbers and ended up with Peter suggesting Kelly. I was not disappointed as I got what I wished for. DFK from the moment I got there to multiple positions with eye popping BBBJDT then CIM (YMMV). Her nose was touching my stomach during DT.

Kelly has curves in the right places + more and found her attractive to this man's old eyes. Short on the talking but long on the wild ride. She kept on going and going until my heartbeat was beating faster than my thrusts. Daty was exceptionally received with a ohhh and ahhh and did not detect any acting on her part. She enjoys what she does and so did I Funky & Music. All other ABC's will keep it to myself to respect the SP knowing most are YMMV.

No smoking or alcohol breath detected and a juicy ass Raiden can drool to. What more can I say, got my money's worth. If you are looking for a slim, no make up type of girl, move on. If you are in the mood to hang to your life while she picks you up by your ears then she is the gal for you.

Isn't this what this hobby is all about?. Pay for what you want without complaints, which I did.

Happy hobbying guys.


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looks like she's off the roster, damn she can really rock your socks off :good:
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