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Kitchener Kelly in Kitchener - 1783

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Joined Sep 10, 2015
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Visited Kelly for a nice appointment.

Hadn't seen her in a while and she looks the same as i remember her. She actually is 25 years old, so it is nice that she states her real age in her ad. Kelly has STUNNING eyes and a very, very, very pretty face. That is her best feature - her face. Simply the best looking escort in the region without any competition even coming close. Facially speaking, you will be very happy with her.

Kelly is not a spinner and she has a voluptuous figure. If she lost some weight, she would be a knockout. Having said that, she is still very attractive. If she lost some weight, she could charge $300 an hour no problem.

Kelly's personality is good. She is nice and acts a little bit like a likeable saleswoman. She will compliment you and she tries to make you feel good about yourself. Is it genuine - maybe not, maybe it is just her sales ability, but she does try hard to make you feel comfortable. Can't falut her at all.

She is not a clock-watcher, but she also will remind you when your time is up. Again, nothing wrong with that.

Her bj is decent in terms of feel, but the greatest part about her is that her eyes and face are so beautiful, you will enjoy watching her perform her bj. Again, very pretty girl.

Her menu is safe but accomodating. Her enthusiasm is decent. GFE experience, not PSE.

Very good offering at 80/15 and 120/30 or 60/200. You won't find a better-looking girl at 80 anywhere in Kitchener. I highly recommend as long as you don't mind the fact that she isn't a spinner.
Joined Sep 10, 2015
Messages 1,482
KenT said:
How about latin ones?. Can you recommend any in the area?.

Many guys like that girl from Chile. She is not my type, but she did get her boobs done about 1 year ago, so you might give her a shot.
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