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J Strummer

Joined Jul 9, 2013
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Hello folks,

Last week, I found myself with some unexpected free time and while scanning this great forum’s Ads, I saw that Jersey Girls had this ‘new’ girl on their roster: Kaya. There was something in her pictures that got me. So I called, booked and off to see her I went.

When she opened the door, I knew why is that “there was something in her pictures that got me”… I've seen her before! Ha! And, if you track back my reviews, when I first met her my time with her wasn't as great. I got nervous and hesitant, for a moment.

But she was smiling – slightly laughing- and actually happily surprised that it was me so I decided to give it a go. “Why not”… since we already met, maybe it’ll be different this time?” I thought.

We chat for a bit. She told me that she was very happy to be with Jersey Girls now. And from our conversation I was able to tell a very different attitude. She was more bubbly; more friendly… and I started to feel that things could go well between us. And they did.

Shower. Back to find her waiting for me. And as I soon as I stepped on the bed, she took her robe off and straight for the action she went. LFK… not DFK; but it wasn't as light as last time, there was a bit more tongue this time (Little by little improvement, maybe? Lots of touching, from both of us. Then my tongue started doing some exploration of her body. First her breasts. Natural, soft and perky. She started moan, lightly. So I continued for a bit. Then I made my way down. DATY was good (nicely shaved fresh and clean). She was very receptive and seemed to like it. Even when there were moments when it seems that she was just staring at the ceiling (that at some point kinda threw me off), her body movements, shaking, and moans encouraged me to continue. After a couple of orgasmic moments, she asked me for digits. I obeyed. She corrected me: “In my ass”. And I acted in accordance.

She became more and more excited as I was still having dinner and doing the digits work she requested. Then she said she wanted to do it… and that she wanted me to go to the Greek Islands with her. (?!) I would have loved to get a BBBJ but in the heat of the moment… Nah, let’s go for FS. She said she really wanted it in the a** so she asked me how I wanted to do it. Rubbers and lube were there under the pillows. (Thankfully!) We went for doggy. She was moaning and at not only there on all 4’s, but she was also moving in coordinated motion with me. She was truly enjoying it.

The sound effects, the view of that nice ass and the whole motion of things drove me to a very happy ending of a quick trip to the Islands.

Kaya is a beautiful young girl (no more than 21 years old). GND looks. About 5’ 3 or 4” tall with long red-brownish hair. Light brown eyes (Hazel?). Her profile says she’s 36C-25-34. But I’d say she’s more like a 34C – natural - on the top-front department. And that ass is a 34 for sure; delightful. Very nice ass.

This time, attitude was different and definitely service improved from when I first saw her. She definitely seems to be enjoying her time in the industry more; she seemed to be more open to communicate during the session and definitely, seemed and felt, that she was more open minded. Looks like Jersey Girls got another good companion (in development) in Kaya. Get to see her during her development folks, before she gets too caught in the tricks of the trade.



PS - I know, I know... You wanna know where she was before. She was Natasha at TGF.


Joined Jun 2, 2014
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I am in love.

Nah, let’s go for FS. She said she really wanted it in the a** so she asked me how I wanted to do it.


Well-known member
Joined Jul 30, 2015
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Awww thanks for the review
Next time I see you ill make it even better ;)
I enjoy my time with you :)


Joined Oct 8, 2011
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Appreciate this review and the one on Natasha. Looks like Kaya is a quick learner.


Well-known member
Joined Jul 30, 2015
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Drew you have that right I am a pretty quick learner now ^^

You gotta be a quick and effect learner if you wanna stay in this field

Besides it's my job to aim to please ...whether if be acting submissive and doing as told or be the one in control ;)

Akila Besos

Active member
Joined Dec 11, 2019
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Damn this was soo many years ago but honestly makes me curious about how I have improved from that ^-^

Kaya memories I can look back at
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