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Eye Candy kasia kay 0344 Rip Off

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Joined Sep 17, 2013
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She's a con artist. Stay away from this one. She ripped me off out of $520 and didn't give me any service at all. Just 10 minutes of lame conversation and argument and kicked me out. She refused to give me my money back and kept my coat and belongings.

She had good reviews on that other west coast board from some established long time posters. I checked them prior to seeing her. There was no evidence or reports of a rip off. I initially posted this on that other west coast board, but it was deleted later that day.

Before that she had me waiting for 20 minutes in the lobby of her building. She said her roommate had to take her kids somewhere. Finally her roommate comes down and whispers at me from the elevator to come over to buzz me to her floor. After some annoying chit chat she left.

When I got to the door, kasia's dogs were barking. She wanted me to pet them, but I said no. She took offense to it and thought I was weird. She then offered me wine and I declined. Again she took offense to it and thought I was weird. She then kept asking me about her music even though I told her I don't care what she played, but she insisted on me liking what she was playing. She then told me to leave the donation. I accidently overpaid by $40. She said "this must be the tip". I told her "if so I'll give it to you afterwards". She kept arguing with me but gave the $40 back. She also told me since we have 2 hours, "let's talk for awhile". She took me to her computer to show me her pictures. Her pics are obviously photoshopped and look like a different person altogether. I told her she looked better in person, but she took offense to it and told me to leave and said "we're not vibing right". I asked if she would give me the money back, and she refused. As I was leaving, she threatened to call her friend and did not give me my coat before I left.

Aside from being a thief, she's also apparently very insecure, selfish, egotistical, and immature. She told me to get out just because I told her straight up her pics looked different from her after she asked me. If you don't want an honest answer, you shouldn't ask. And she ripped me off because of it.

The next day she sent me harassing texts insulting me and acting immature. She said it's illegal to get an escort, threatened to show my emails to the police, claim to only invite me over for 1 glass of wine, insulted me, and refused to give back my money.

Joined Sep 17, 2013
Messages 63
Harky said:
Remember if she is TGTBT then she is.

B & S. Her pics are completely fake. The girl in the pic does not resemble her at all. That was actually why she ripped me off, because she asked me if it looked like her and I told her the truth, that it does not. She was too insecure and egotistical to handle it even through she asked me about it.

Also the bitch is ghetto. She said "we aint "vibin" right. And said she was going to put me "on blast".
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