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IN-Call Kaelyn Kroft - Insanely Beautiful Person, Wildly Amazing SP!

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Anyone who has seen Kaelyn’s website, or online SIG pic knows what a beautiful young woman she is. It’s kinda’ hard to miss. But having spent almost four incredible hours with her yesterday, I can honestly say I was completely unprepared for the reality of the person that she is, when the door actually swung open and there she was in the flesh, in vivid real- life Technicolor!

Surreal is the only way to describe the experience. It was like staring at a cut-and-paste realization of every seductive, erotic fantasy I think I’ve ever had, all rolled up into one perfect explosion of beauty and desire.

Dressed in a sexy and sophisticated sharkskin grey business dress, thin black belt softy accentuating her narrow waist and soft swell of her hips, hair pinned up in a neat and sexy bun, and black heels, she looked every bit the young, vibrant, successful executive who walks the halls of Glamour, Elle, or Cosmo corporate offices, lips shimmering in high gloss, perfect French manicured nails buffed to a high shine.

You can look at the pics online all you want, but until you actually look into those lovely, seductive dark eyes, and feel your heart jerk to a stop when she suddenly unleashes her killer smile and those dimples, not sure you can really understand just how attractive this adorable and mesmerizing young lady truly is.

She was the epitome of charm, grace, elegance and style, and very poised in context for such a young person meeting me for the first time. The perfect GFE hostess, she casually shared some wine, some laughs and some stories, and throughout, I never for a single moment got the impression her attention was anywhere but on me; she was engaged, attentive, and enthusiastic in our discourse, and really made me feel like she was genuinely pleased to have me as company for the afternoon, as if she was welcoming a cherished friend after a long absence. It wasn’t long before I completely forgot I was meeting her for the very first time and it was, in fact, simply a service LOL!

Beyond being, quite frankly, "fashion model" gorgeous, Miss Kaelyn is a wonderful and spirited person. Her sense of humour is tactful and witty, she is insightful and empathetic well beyond her years, and her sincerity and genuine nature will absolutely captivate you.

Disrobed, in my opinion, Kaelyn is nothing short of spectacular. Her nubile young form is soooo soft, smooth, unblemished and cocoa colored; her sweetly scented hair and honey tasting intimates; her lavishly luscious bum and delectable bust with such very responsive ebony nipples; her skin responsive to each delicate touch, visibly pebbling with excitement and expectation as I slowly traced my fingers across her arms, shoulders, back and inner thighs.

As a lover, she is every bit the perfect GFE experience (and her available menu is very accurate), from top to bottom, inside and out – a great kisser with superb oral skills, and fantastically adept and erotic in virtually any position you could possibly think up, willling to go on and on as long as you were able to keep up. She was very seductively vocal throughout, confidently voicing her desires, needs and satisfactions, and was a very enthusiastic “coach” as she egged me on in some of our more vigorous endeavors LOL! She was to me, so massively exciting, stimulating, and erotic, I found myself swept away completely by the intensity of each Kaelyn inspired climax. Fuck. Unreal.

When we were through with play, she offered me warm towels to ease off the intensity, and before I had even recovered from my last release, she had already gone to bring back a cold bottle of water and started the warm shower for me to clean up. That’s what I call professional and luxurious service!

Booking was simple, and the incall was in fact really really nice, although I believe the walls could be thicker, given the noise Kaelyn inspired clearly made its way through and had quite a significant impact and effect on the other lovely lady who was sitting in the living room area trying desperately to get some real work done! Sorry Molly! :p

Overall, from my POV and individual perspective, this astonishing young woman is a perfect 10 in every way, and the overall experience was a perfect 20. Some others out there could certainly take lesson, that’s for sure. IMHO she must be one of the best kept secrets in the game today, and I hope she stays that way, if only for selfish reasons. LOL!


Dude you should write novels! Excellent review and yes the pictures of this lady are amazing!


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Demien can I be your friend :?: You blew me away dude terrific review her skin looks so soft, how did it feel.


Juanthepervert said:
Nice find Demien what made you choose her, see no reviews of her. This a TOFTT?

No TOFTT here - she's has been around a little while, and worked at Select for a brief period before going indy. I just never had made an opportunity to meet her before now, but I've certainly learned my lesson LOL!


Borey the Bald said:
Outstanding what was the damage.

About $1G all told, and worth every frickin' penny, if not many more


Excellent *applause*. Best one to date Demien.


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WOW, nice find demien. The girl is drop dead gorgeous. Curious, is she E. Indian? Persian?


You are alive, where the hell did you disappear to. Awesome as always man and Brocklee I am also in love.


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Loved every minute of this review D2k5, you and I have similar styles. Great minds think a like! and get together with great women. Ms. Kaelyn Kroft looks fantastic and is someone I would love to meet.


anger said:
The girl is drop dead gorgeous. Curious, is she E. Indian? Persian?

I don't think she has any eastern blood - i.e. persian, indian, or asian; I seem to recall her stating somewhere she is of part african-canadian mix....she made a comment in our session about her coloring and my only response was that her racial background to me was irrelevant, as whatever it is, it's been doled out in clearly perfect proportion, judging by the extraordinary outcome. :mrgreen:

Her pictures, as good as they are, simply don't do her justice.


Awesome review D2k5. I agree with all these pervs, she does look smoking hot!!!
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