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IN-Call Julia, Mirage - Truly an Amazing SP!

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Luckily, found some time this week to visit with Julia for a few hours of play, given I hadn’t seen her since the Xmas party and was really “jonesing” bad for some reason, particularly when remembering how hot she looked that night, and noting how infrequently she can sometimes be on sched. Calendars aligned and was glad to be slipping through the condo door late afternoon just as the sun was going down, another stressful day behind me.

Julia looked awesome in jeans and tank top, full black hair somewhat longer now, and cascading almost to elbow length. Everyone knows her dark smoky eyes and elegant manner, and yet again I reminded myself of how sincerely sweet and genuine this gorgeous vixen really is, given it's so easy to get lost in the looks and miss her charm, grace, personality, sense of humor and deviously horny little SP persona.

For some reason, I really click with Julia – she turns me on on contact, makes me laugh, is mature beyond her years, a great conversationalist, and is completely understanding / non-judgemental and empathetic to all my little fetishes, desires and kinks. We yakked and laughed some, even from the shower as I soaped up, and there she was, stunning as usual when I arrived back on the bed to play.

I asked her to strip seductively for me, which she obliged, and while really a hot show, Julia’s true sweetness showed through some as she actually seemed shy and self-conscious while performing! She maintained a wicked eye-contact through out, slowly peeling off the tank to reveal first a lacy pink bra, which greatly contrasted her deep tan, then on to her mesmerizing naturals! OMG – so perfect. Then the painted on jeans, agonizingly slowly, the bright gold button gleaming in the sun and dueling with the crystal navel jewels above….what a body. Olympic athlete tight, flattest belly on record, pert bum and toned thighs, smooth immaculate velveteen kitty, and that long seductive curve from the nape of her neck to the cleft of her ass. Bonerriffic!

Julia’s full GFE services are well known, and nothing to add there. I spent a good amount of time in Daty/dato w digits to get her going, and she returned the favors with amazing BBBJ/HJ/ Ball slapping, some outstanding doggie in front of the mirror, more masturbation shows, and some biting and nipple play on me. I got two great SOGs and I think Julia picked up a satisfying hat trick of her own (although she’d need to confirm that herself ;-p )

Highlights for me: Julia’s sense of humor, self, and her laugh – such a turn on to be with such an engaging, unpretentious young beauty, and to have her ask you very directly to undress her and make her cum!

For this session, something unique, moment-driven and clearly PSE. For whatever reason, Julia decided to cross over to the dark side this one time just to drive me completely wild. Very out of character for her, but my sense was that on this day, she really wanted to send me home with a once-in-a lifetime moment.

She’s standing in front of the mirror, hands raised on the glass, wriggling her ass seductively and stroking her pussy and ass to get me hot while I’m on my knees on the bed jerking and admiring her gyrating form. She knows I’m close…she looks over her left shoulder, still wetly fingering her clearly sounding juicy pussy and says in her sex kitten voice “Ya’ wanna cum in my mouth today baby!? I want that so bad…I want you to blow your huge load in my mouth until I can’t swallow any more, till it’s running out the corners of my mouth and all down my big tits! Please, will you baby!?” Now I’m thinking WTF! Who is this? Not a Julia norm for sure, so I ask if she’s serious, and completely in dirty slut fuck-toy character, she says “yeah, I need to taste your load…and then I want to share it with you….” That sends me howling over the edge, and Julia dashes over and kneels at the bed, tongue out and mouth wide…I fill her mouth to the brim, she stands, mouth dribbling and DFKs the shit out of me for about 3 mins. Then she pushes me down on the bed, pries open my mouth and spits the rest down my throat! YEAH! Very hot! Absolutely YMMV but today must have been my lucky day! Nothing left to say after that, and Julia giggled when I’d recovered and asked “what was that all about!?” She says, you know, I’ve never ever done that before, but our session today really put me in a mood, and for some reason, the desire to do that just came to me in the spur of the moment of passion.” Was still stunned by extreme good fortune hours later when reliving every fucking second. Julia babe, you are one of the hottest EVER! Thank-you for your PSE gift!

Overall for me:

Body: 10+
Attitude: 10+
Service: there is no number high enough

Repeat? Absofuckinglutely! At any price....:razz:

PS: Enjoy your holiday Julia!


Senior Member
Joined Dec 19, 2009
Messages 229
OMFG. Outfuckingstanding Demien. I've dreamed of Julia and Jemma taking my load in their mouth. Guess she was really in the mood.


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 278
Wow your reviews just get better and better 10+ on every category is exceptional. I have seen Noir and she is a 10+ for me also. Have you seen her if so hoe would you compare them.


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 238
Too much you are having way too much fun Demien Awesome review to read.


Senior Member
Joined Dec 27, 2009
Messages 575
Absofuckinglutely LOL. Your reviews just keep getting better, another must see.

_ _

Well-known member
Joined Dec 14, 2009
Messages 432
“Ya’ wanna cum in my mouth today baby!? I want that so bad…I want you to blow your huge load in my mouth until I can’t swallow any more, till it’s running out the corners of my mouth and all down my big tits! Please, will you baby!?”

WOW!! You did get a PSE gift from an all star. Thanks for sharing.


sentry11 said:
“Ya’ wanna cum in my mouth today baby!? I want that so bad…I want you to blow your huge load in my mouth until I can’t swallow any more, till it’s running out the corners of my mouth and all down my big tits! Please, will you baby!?”

WOW!! You did get a PSE gift from an all star. Thanks for sharing.

Damn that was so good to read, cheers Demien.


Well-known member
Joined Jan 26, 2010
Messages 951
Very good review, another lady I have seen myself and totally agree with your findings Demien.


Well-known member
Joined Dec 19, 2009
Messages 632
Demien , with all these ladies you see and considering the length of time you go for. I was thinking you must need an assistant. I could come along as your assistant, maybe wipe your forehead with a Kleenex, prop up the ladies titiies for you , slap her ass so it's ready, test out her bbbj skills prior to you so she has the rhythm down, useful things like that? What do you say bud, should I send you my resume?:lol:


Well-known member
Joined Jan 31, 2010
Messages 384
Julia is one of the SPs i cant get out of my head.. I agree she has it all..


king21 said:
She does actually:mrgreen:, Its a YMMV thing.

Yeah, strange that. Julia is indeed one of those rare SP's that typically only offers GFE-type services, but every once in a while she connects on some level with someone and reveals more of her inner erotic persona and provides some PSE type adventures.

King21 is a respectful and classy guy with the ladies, so wouldn't surprise me in the least if he's built a strong connection with Julia over time... but PSE with Julia is absolutely YMMV.

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