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IN-Call Julia @ Mirage: Simply AMAZING

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In mid-September I got an appointment with Julia @ Mirage, to this day one of the most beautiful SPs I have ever met. here is the review:

Had an unforgettbale hour today with Julia at Mirage. When you've seen many amazing SPs you know you it takes something really special to make you pause about the TDL and just want to see her again and again. That happened to me today with Julia. First, she is a genuine sweet person with no hangups whatsoever and it was a pleasure talking to her. Second, this woman is my classic type....dark hair, beautiful brown eyes, she reminded me a little of Jennifer Love Hewitt, who I must have fantasized about hundreds of times in my 20s. She is easily one of the top 3 prettiest SPs I have ever met. Those soft and feminine features were accentuated by a gorgeous all-body tan, silky smooth skin and a gorgous, curvaceous ye fit figure - and did I forget to mention her spectacular and real breasts!

Round 1 included some kissing before she wanted to get me naked and started teasing me with some great BBBJ and BLS. Her techniques is not necessarily as agressive as some others I've had but was extremely sexy and felt great. We then moved to 69 position and honestly I could have doen this all day with her. She slurped and sucked on me while I went to town on her gorgeous, clean kitty...which was so fun to play with as she has some nice meaty labia near her clit region. This girl looked and tasted so good I was in dream land now. The the cover came on and we started in CG, i told her - dont take it easy on me, i can handle it. She proceeded to absolutley pound me in this position and I gotta say I have to head back to the gym if I'm going to compete better next time. I could not hold out - too good - SOG 1 done. We talked for a while and she is a real nice sweetheart who loves travelling and adventure, she really is quite fearless.

She could see how much I was turned on by her and we started up again, this time more DATY i couldnt help myself and she appreciated the effort. She then took me again in BBBJ and although I would have loved another round of love making I could not resist the site and feel of this gorgeous creature. Her wonderful BBBJ techniques brought me to another climax.

To sum it all up, you know you've had an amazing experience in this hobby where you wish it didnt have to end and already miss her. Julia is one of the city's ELITE and I say that with confidence. I will be thinking about her and would love nothing more to see her again so I can make love to her again.

Face: 9 - She is my type, very pretty features.
Body: 9 - Spectacular naturals, gorgeous curves in all the right places
Service: 9 - Amazing fresh attitude, and a dynamo in bed


Re: Julia @ Mirage: Simply AMAZING

Wow, great going bud. very high marks. Have not seen her yet but she is big in my TDL



Re: Julia @ Mirage: Simply AMAZING

God damn! look at those tits!!!!!!!


Re: Julia @ Mirage: Simply AMAZING

I think Julia is the only lady i havent seen from my last TDL.. Now she is back in to new TDL big time. I am getting addiction to Italian ladies after my french addiction!


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Re: Julia @ Mirage: Simply AMAZING

Heatways you are in a rool love this review nice reading material


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Re: Julia @ Mirage: Simply AMAZING

Great review Heatwaves. Add me to the loser list that have never seen Julia. Like your writing BTW.

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Re: Julia @ Mirage: Simply AMAZING

Julia is one of my favorites. I have seen her 3 times for multiple hour sessions.


Re: Julia @ Mirage: Simply AMAZING

Great toned flat tummy and sensational ass and legs. My only peeve is that her boobs are not that firm. (Maybe I am getting spoiled by big bolt-ons!)

I saw her 1x and had gfe quality service, but only lfk. Great sense of humour and a fun, down to earth girl who is great to hang out with.

I would have to rate her as a notch below my reigning trio of Abby, Paris and Jemma.


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Re: Julia @ Mirage: Simply AMAZING

Seen her as well HW dead on review.
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