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IN-Call Jordan and Dylan duo @ RM still trembling

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Re: Jordan and Dylan duo @ RM still trembling

Maybe the old lady in the elevator that was checking you out up and down might be more your pace. :lol: Don't knock it, imagine a bbGJ.

BBGJ=bare back gum job![/quote]

LOL :lol: Dean add it to your abr. list, we found a winner.


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Re: Jordan and Dylan duo @ RM still trembling

Outstanding review buddy, got a little saliva on my keyboard.

When I was a rookie I had a duo session. I was completely overwhelmed and overstimulated. I left thinking "that was a stupid idea"

Now,as a seasoned veteran, I think it would be sweet and your review cements it.
Thanks dude. There are so many duos to choose from. I think I'm getting overwhelmed again ;)
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