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The night of the party Kirk and I were having a drink by the bar when we both turn our heads at the same time as these two dolls walked by us

We both raced to speak to them and they gave us a quick hello and bolted...

DAMN , strike one

Shawn the owner of Godiva remembered me from VIP 4 and came up to say hello....very cool guy but I was after the babes!!!

They both looked like dolls, Alyssa in a pink tight skirt, so pretty and Jessica, brunette with the sexiest smile but we were left standing holding our drinks so OH WELL...

As the night moved along we see the ladies at a table with DannyDevito and Geppetto, once again Kirk and I head over with me in the lead and the ladies see me and DASH....


now I have Kirk Danny and Geppetto cursing me out for scaring the ladies away. WHY WTF, I showered, I smelled good, WHY?????

Ok, back to busness, back to search out sexy ladies but now I lost my wingman Kirk who disappeared off in a corner with Ms. Champaign and DannyDevito told me to get lost because I was cramping his style...WTF....FAWK ME!! let's move on to Saturday after my session with Stephanie. After Stephanie left me in a heap of nutella I hear a knock on the door.


It's Kirk again....

"Ray, I really want to see Alyssa and you should see Jessica"

ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS, I just spent an hour with Stephanie and you want to call them when???

"We get them here in 3 hours then go to dinner"

BRO, even if I could reactivate Dickhead, the girls weren't into #nutellaman

"ahhh bullshit, let's just do it" SLAP

FUCK always with the slap...I dunno, FAWK....

OK, FINE....Call Shawn....while I go wake Dickhead up....FAWKKKKK

Of course within minutes the appointment was made and Kirk skips back to his room singing like a freaken girl!

I stick my head out the door and notice the two cleaning ladies looking towards us shaking their heads, DAMN!

So I rush to clean up the room, shower again, do dick pushups to wake up the little fucker and await Jessica..

KNOCK KNOCK...I go to the door , nervous that as soon as I open it and Jessica sees me, she hightails it out the door, down the hallway and into the street while the maids look and shake their heads. :no:

BUT, Jessica walks in, gives me a big smile and a hug....then asks me in French if I speak French...I say no but I speak the international language and I got a big smile....ALL WAS GOOD , WHEW!!!

Damn Jessica is hot as hell...New to the biz...two weeks and her bestie Alyssa one day...DAMN no wonder they were so shy...


In not time we were on the bed, BJJJ, DFK, DATY, FS, BJJJ DKF DAMN DAMN DAMN....

WHAT an awesome session with a young fresh hottie!!

I will let Kirk carry the tale on from here and if he tells me I told you so, I'm going to throw dollops of Nutella at the fucker!

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