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Joined Nov 6, 2009
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I emailed Starlets again to try out a new lady. I couldn't make up my mind between Angela or Jersey. Tyson recommended Jersey but also informed me that she is $150.00 for the half hour or 2 bills for the hour.

My question to him was, "dude is she worth the extra 20 bucks?"
Tyson's reply "yeah bro, she definitely is!"

That was all I needed and booked a 30 minute session with Jersey.

Jersey pics are accurate. Slim blonde, with a very nice body, which she loves to show off and tease with sexy seductive moves. Titties are small but natural. Nice tummy, nice long legs and a nice sexy booty. Soft sexy skin with no tats or piercings.

Service wise, WOW, awesome! Much more experienced lady than my first Starlet visit. Jersey handles the BBBJ like a master trumpeter. Lots of eye contact, awesome DT, licking and sucking, JUST a pleasure to watch her blow the skin trumpet. Service received by this artist was DFK, BBBJTC, DATY, DIGITS. I say to completion because when I erupted it was CIM but then she grabbed it and rubbed it all over her sexy nipples. VERY nice session indeed.

I can say YES it was worth the extra 20 bucks! Tyson, keep up the good work DUDE!


Re: [email protected]

Amazing review bud
quote: this artist was DFK, BBBJTC, DATY, DIGITS. I say to completion because when I erupted it was CIM but then she grabbed it and rubbed it all over her sexy nipples. VERY nice session indeed.

You teasing me again ;) Love this artist



Joined Nov 6, 2009
Messages 6,565
Re: [email protected]

Thanks boys, and yup Jersey did keep the wood nice and stiff for the entire 30 minutes. It was her spit not Gel damn it!


Re: [email protected]

HAHA Rayden...You and I must have the same wave lengths.

After a failed attempt at booking Crystal from PAL, I opted to try the next in line on my TDL; Tamara of TS. Well, that didn't go well, so telephone lady suggested Jersey as I wanted a trip to the Islands specifically.

After a couple of phone calls and an over and above effort to hook me up with what I wanted, I was directed to the location.

I called telephone lady and she advised me that Jersey was ready for me. I must admit, I could not remember what Jersey looked like from their site and was psyched up to walk away if I didn't like what I saw. So when I knocked on the door and Jersey opened, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

Meeting me at the door was a 5'9" GND type with short blonde hair and a very nice body indeed. We exchanged pleasantries and we chatted a bit on the bed. Rayden's description is accurate and not to be embellished by me whatsoever.

I quickly showered and was met on the bed by Jersey. I can't say enough about this girl; very nice and very accomodating. We started off with LFK which led to DFK. She handled "me" gently and got my motor running. I then got her down and proceeded to DATY (one of my fav's) and I did catch her looking distant; I took this as a challenge and dug in with both heels and proceeded to be relentless between her legs. She soon began to be very receptive and was no longer looking distant

My turn to receive BBBJ. OMFG, she is a real champ. DT was excellent and attentiveness was very very good. We switched to 69 which again, was nice as I am not short and her height made it very easy for us to reach each other with little effort..nice. I took to DATO while in 69 and again, very receptive.

Suiting up was next and she performed CG very well, riding the tip and then going deep and hard. Switched to mish and again, very receptive and we had each other's attention. Time to finish with a trip to the islands in doggy. Wow. I love the islands and cannot get enough. We started slow and soon we were in full swing and I must say, I didn't last long. Jersey has a very nice ass to travel with.

Finished up and showered and had some great conversation. Jersey is an intelligent girl and will make many conquests in her personal and business life.

Repeat? Hell yes.

She will be added to my ATF list.
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