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Jasmin is easily one of the hottest MPAs I have ever seen. Second probably only to Mila. Yes, it's all personal preference, but when it comes to just purely physical, Mila is my ideal.

Anyway, no one would be disappointed in Jasmin's looks. When I first started seeing her last year, I couldn't believe that such a gorgeous girl was getting naked with me and letting me do all sorts of unspeakable things to her body (actually, I feel that way about all the MPAs I see). Jasmin is facially DDG, with a body that could launch a thousand cars. She is curvy, supple, taut and tight. Seriously, no flaws on her body. Where I would hesitate to recommend her - and it's the reason I stopped seeing her - is her personality. We don't quite mesh. In a word, Jasmin is bubbly. And I don't mean cutesy bubbly, but party girl/club girl bubbly. She's like the proverbial cheerleader, and she comes on to you like a cat on catnip. I'm very down to earth. I like seeing girls who are genuine and down to earth. I'm not saying that Jasmin isn't genuine. In fact, I've spoken to several people, and they all say she's like that outside the room too.

Service wise, she is like a lynx. Once second cute pussy cat, the next wild tiger. She is very open minded - nowhere near Alexis, but then who is - and can be quite sensual as well. If you were feeling down, depressed, or just need that little bit of an ego boost, Jasmin is your girl. She will bring your spirits (among other things) up, and keep you up throughout the session. I tend to feel drained though, cause I literally cannot keep up with her.


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There is no stopping you dude.

Thank God for that and your good source of intel.
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I appreciate the candor of your reviews. They are very helpful. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
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