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Is there another Earth?.

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The planet Gor is a little smaller than earth, in the same oribit and on the opposite side of the sun. That's why we've never seen it.


“Go then, there are other worlds than these.”
Stephen King, The Gunslinger


of course there is's called Caerf:)


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With the sheer size of the known universe, I really don't see how we could have the only livable planet. There are also other forms of molecules that could combine to form life very different than what we have here. It's very possible that what we consider "unlivable" could be perfect for some other form of life. The odds are that there are lots of inhabited planets but the problem is that none have figured out how to travel quickly enough through space to make contact yet. Or they just don't like us.

Add to that the possibility that there could be more than one you just multiply the possibilities!

If anything, I'd like to find the planet/universe where women I'm attracted to are always attracted to me.....or where I'm rich.
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