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invited to a baby shower.

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Joined Aug 9, 2010
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Invitation says, gifts in cash only.

I declined. Would you?.

I am working under the premise this is family or a friend............You must know their situation and be aware of the need for cash or not.

With that said I also figure it is the first child as you never do a shower for child 2 thru 11

I would buy the child a DADDY and me membership for a gym.


I don't see anything wrong with them asking for $, but it's also fine for anyone to decline the invite because of that. However, my closeness to the person hosting or asking, would be the determinate as to whether or not I'd go, not the asking for $:)


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I think it is inapprorpriate to ask them for money or any gift.If you get one, that's great. If not, it is still great because you want to share a special event wth your friends and family members. Or you could say no gift or instead of a gift, make a donation to a worthy cause.
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