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IN-Call Introducing Miss Kim Jones

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Please remember that YMMV, be respectful to the ladies and information is from my POV.
I never look for ladies on CL and I didn’t this time either, I met Miss Kim Jones (Kimmie) in the chat room. She is a feisty young kitten that is very flirtacious and more innocent than she’d ever let on.
Kim needs to get professional photos done and a website. This CL ad does her no justice whatsoever. She is of Finnish decent and her features are remarkable, her pale skin is soft and smooth to touch, her read hair is fiery and her assets are very firm! She is 19, worldly to a degree, but she wasn’t expecting me!
It was time to leave for our adventure, I had to make one quick stop for a bottle of red wine. Upon first glance, her features reminded me of Avril Lavigne. By the end of our adventure, Kim was singing this to me Oh, if only I could be a young skater boy, Kim might consider skating away with me!
She is from Eastern Ontario and is a snow bunny for sure. She’s a girly girl and I quite enjoyed that about her. Opening her gift, she was so surprised. I approached Kim gently in terms of how our adventure would proceed, we chatted about several things. Music came up, and I asked her if she knew that Alanis Morrisette was actually a dance queen before she made it big. Kim didn’t believe me, and I’m sure that many wouldn’t know this about Alanis but she can shake her booty, just like Kim! Yes, that is Matt Leblanc in the video Joey from Friends! 1991, I believe that was the year Kim was born!
She is very confident in her looks and power that provides her, but Kim had met her match. Her eyes opened wide when I opened my bag. What is that? She exhaled! I said relax and enjoy. We began to slowly undress each other taking our time to nibble here and there. I asked Kim to lay back and I showed her the blindfold. She bit her lip and appeared alittle anxious, so I suggested that I place it over her eyes and she can remove it if uneasy. Miss Kim Jones was now under my spell! I gently touched, kissed and nibbled on her young body making her giggle with excitement. I sat up and watched her for several minutes. She asked, “What’s wrong.” I said, “Nothing is wrong, enjoy the silence, I’m watching you ache with anticipation for what comes next!” I dipped my finger into the chocolate pudding and had her open her mouth. Hmmm, I like that Kim said! Next, I teased her with pineapple slices, squeezing the juices onto her breasts and suckling it off her erect nipples. She began breathing heavily. I told her to open her mouth and I placed a strawberry in mine and we shared that piece of strawberry. She was very excited, but stayed still wanting more of what I was offering her. I dipped my finger into the chocolate and placed on her cookie, and I had a chocolate covered cookie! She went wild!
Kim told me to lay back that she wanted to drop down and get her eagle on;) I said, “babygirl, flap your wings.”
Kim looked up at me with that beautiful face, smiled and said, “Time for the sweat to drip all over our bodies, I want to feel your love.”
Kim and I began doing the tummy tango and went into a flow blown horizontal lambada! We collapsed into each other’s arms. Our adventure was just too hot!
I hope that Miss Jones returns soon!
FYI, she is a safe GFE.


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Excellent review Hoff, but the link is already expired. What a shame, curious to see what this lady looks like.


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Jess mate one of the best reviews to date, can you send us another link this one doesn't work.

Senor Gomes

Hof how do you plan your adventures, do you let them know before you plan to bring wine and food?.


I'm trying to reach Miss Jones and let her know that she is desired in the GTA again.

Everything is a surprise!


Kim told me to lay back that she wanted to drop down and get her eagle on:wink: I said, “babygirl, flap your wings.”

:lol: Excellent review HOF like your one liners.


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HOF said:
I'm trying to reach Miss Jones and let her know that she is desired in the GTA again.

Everything is a surprise!

You mean to get the link?


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great reviews all around HOF, very valuable as they are not oft reviewed ladies.....


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Good review, but that last line stating "safe GFE" lost me, still a very good review.


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Dam you HOF!
you knew I was coming with my review of this lady didn't you and raced to post it!
Kim is Canada's hot & sexy sweet-heart (<==-- shameless plug of my to be posted

It is a pleasure to read your magnificent reviews as always bro,
Seemed like one of the best meals ever!

All the best.
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