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Incall vs Outcall

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I've been reading the outcall section recently as well. I've only done incall but the outcall really peeks my curiosity. I notice some of the boys only do outcalls, based on their excellent reviews.

I am aware that outcall may cost me a little more, hotel costs and higher SP charges ect.... are there any advantages to the outcall that I am not aware of? I like the idea of unwinding and relaxing, while I wait in anticipation of the reverse role in the door knocking routine and then after the SP leaves, collapsing in the bed and having a nice nap.

Another request I have from the outcall veterans or the ladies/Agencies are some recommendations for hotels that I should use if I decide to go with an outcall.


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iceman_dci said:
Some members or clients do outcalls to their homes; I could never do this, prying eyes in the neighborhood would lead to too many unneccessary rumours and talk amongst the masses. My kids would not appreciate it.

I would definitely do outcalls if I were out of town. Going to an incall in a strange town just has too many unknowns, but the same could be said about incalls in your own town; as with almost everything in this hobby, "You pays your money, you takes your chances".

Outcalls to my home; no way
Outcalls to a hotel in my hometown; why?
Outcalls in a different city; hesitant yes, I would do my research and find someone reputable and well reviewed only.

Incalls exclusively for me in the GTA.

What he said :!:


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I am strictly incall in my home town and wouldn't do it any other way. Why pay for a hotel, have a paper trail and also have your real name at the front desk of a hotel. Plus if for some reason you don't like the lady and tell her to leave, imagine all the embarrassment she can cause for you.


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Incall only, used to do out calls when I lived in an appartment now I own a home and have nosy neighbours.
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There's no real advantage to outcall imo. Incall is easier to set up and costs less.

I'll only get a hotel room if the SP I wish to see is available via outcall only.


For years was an out call guy never knew what and in call room looked like, then you know the family thing.

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