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Incall Agencies Charging Cancellation $'s for After Bait and Switch

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I haven't usually had this problem in Toronto, but there have been 3 reputable agencies that advertise on this site that used fake pics when I visited them. After I left (because their women were unattractive), they texted me asking "what happened, why'd you leave", then accusing me of wasting their time and saying I owe them a cancellation fee! I was appalled and there's soo many things wrong with what they said, I don't know where to begin.

I'm well aware that even the better agencies use fake pics, but usually the girl who shows up at the door still looks good, even though it's obviously not who was advertised. The 3 agencies I visited, the girls were not the ones advertised and they were ugly. Why would I stay? I'm not gonna spend hundreds of dollars of my money to have companionship from a woman I'm not attracted to at all just so the agency (that lied to begin with) can make money. Let me get this straight, you want me to pay you for lying to me and giving me an unattractive girl? Thank you.

And I didn't waste their time, they wasted mine. They told me about the girl making the trip to the incall to see me. Oh you mean the girl who's not in the picture and who's unattractive too? No they wasted my time! I spend time and money to get ready to see an escort. They should be compensating me for their deceit and poor quality. What about me? I have to go back online and find another agency to book with now.

Cancellation fees are not supposed to apply to incalls, if the reason the client is cancelling is because of the bait and switch and if he's not attracted to her. This is generally the first time an agency has tried this with me. It's usually with outcalls, which I expect (and why I don't do outcalls). Usually agencies and indy's understand that if a client wants to leave at the beginning of the session, for any reason (but especially if he isn't attracted to her) he has the right to do so. This was my experience in Canada until now. I guess some of these Toronto agencies are now trying aggressive tactics just so they can make a buck (even if they lie). I was just in the UK and New Zealand recently. I walked out on some escorts there also and of course this didn't happen.


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How do they plan to collect?. You gave them your credit card number?.


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Ultra, it seems you do this often and maybe that's the problem young man.


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You are Ultraman. Use your super powers to change what you want :Dancing:
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