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In an argument between your daughter and her husband.

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You know he is right but you cannot take his side. I failed on my initial response of take your husband's side. She will not have anything to do with him now.

What more can I do. Yes, I know I am asking the wrong people but none other I can turn to for real unbiased advice.


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Tough one when you agree with the inlaw instead of your blood.

Threaten her with the will J/k , it's a tough one.


That is a tough one. I would try to side with you daughter. Talk to her and let her convince you she is right, try to see her side of it. With my daughter, I love her, even if or when she is wrong.
Good luck

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Always take the home team. Odds are on your side, just like flipping a coin.

Heads always wins.


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First of all unless you are asked to mediate you need to stand down.

In the absence of all facts no clear opinion can be put fourth.

With that said you can tell her that no matter what you love er and will stand by her.
But this time you are not sure she is right. Or he is right for that matter. All you know is you love them both.


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I like Papa's response. Honesty is the best policy but you don't have to share it all at once.

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