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I'm confused

  • Welcome to the new CAERF.
    New management and more commited than ever! Have a look at some of the new features HERE.
    If you experience any issue please let us know in the proper forum.


Joined Nov 6, 2009
Messages 6,565
Damn I hate change, color is nice but now I have to feel my way around again.


Well-known member
Joined Nov 12, 2009
Messages 2,650
Rayden said:
Damn I hate change, color is nice but now I have to feel my way around again.

Will we have Holly on Sunday Night? How it will work now on this 'new board' format it wil be on Lobby, chat room? If it will be on chat room I'm excluded 'sniff' it seems don't work on iPhone.


Well-known member
Joined Dec 19, 2009
Messages 632
I'm in yahooooo! Ok not sure if I like this yet, where's Holly? Where is Ray, CLint, did they make it over? Where's Repo? HELLLLLOOOOO out there!!!


Well-known member
Joined Jan 26, 2010
Messages 951
This is very similar to the original board, color wise, and handling seems smooth enough.
Joined Dec 7, 2009
Messages 807
Did some of the reviews disappear from the review book? I liked having all the reviews for the agencies grouped into one place.

The Dean

We are still working on few problems. If you see any problems Please report it to us.

Thank you


Senior Member
Joined Dec 19, 2009
Messages 229
Other than not being able to log in and having to reset my password, I like the new look. Won't take me long to adjust.

The Dean

We tried to import PMs too but it gets dublicated. sorry for the PMs.


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 431
Phew took a while could not log in what is the purpose of this change was comfortable with other one.


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 278
What happened where all all the members?. The Dean your email link did not work for me figured out to log in fresh without your link entered new code and it worked, hope other members can figure it out.

I see Sentry here, how did you log in?.
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Well-known member
Joined Dec 8, 2009
Messages 439
Color is good. I guess the older reviews and threads haven't been imported yet (anything prior to Jan. 10).

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