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If you refuse to purchase in any store or establishment you can be asked to leave.

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Racism? My first reaction was that you need to buy something to use the free WiFi. The idea is buy something, compute, buy more, compute. Then I read it again to see if I missed a mention of race. Nope.

If she’s there daily for two years, no one recognized her ? Does she usually buy something and compute or does she just use the WiFi?

And the owner saying “ it’s a safety issue” is total bullshit. Paying customers aren’t dangerous but free WiFi users are? Is a black person using a computer more dangerous than a black person using a computer while drinking coffee or munching a donut?

At this stage, she sounds like a shnorer, Yiddish for people who take and take and give back very, very little. I don’t see color as a problem here but the safety issue makes me pause.

If Dunkin’ allows the owner to demand a purchase, insist it be posted. FREE WIFI WITH PURCHASE.

Virginia Dunkin' Donuts owner calls police on black customer for using free Wi-Fi without purchase

Video footage of a now-viral interaction between a black customer and a white store manager at a Virginia Dunkin' Donuts has sparked outcry and heated debate online, after franchise owner Christina Cabral called police on patron Tirza Wilbon White for allegedly using the store's Wi-Fi without making a purchase.

"I had just sat down when a woman I had never seen before walked up and asked, 'Are you going to buy coffee?'" White told Yahoo Lifestyle of the Nov. 7 incident, which occurred at one of the Fairfax locations of the coffee and pastry chain. "I told her I planned on buying coffee after I got settled, but not if it were mandated."

According to Yahoo, White then asked the woman, whom the outlet identifies as Cabral, if a white customer would be held to that same standard, prompting Cabral to say that White must make a purchase or leave.

In a series of three videos posted to Facebook on Nov. 8, White shares the conversation she had with Cabral, as well as the subsequent dialogue she had with the male police officer who responded to the scene.

"You're under the Dunkin umbrella, I just looked this up, it is free Wi-Fi in Dunkin Donuts," White begins in the clip that has since been viewed over 32,000 times.

"But as franchisee I have the right to offer you free Internet or not," Cabral said

"Do you have a business card? I'm gonna contact corporate," White responded

"You don't need my business card to do that with," Cabral argues. "I get to make my own rules. … I need to ensure safety to my customers," she continued. "It's nothing against you," she says, citing previous issues with customers. "We're just trying to make our customers feel safe."

In the second and third videos shared to social media, the law enforcement official tells White to leave the store "because she wants you to."

"Am I in trouble if I choose not to leave?" White asks.

"Yeah, if you choose not to leave, I will order you to leave. … I would issue you a summons and then if you don't sign the summons, then I would have to arrest you," he says.

Taken aback, White ultimately leaves the scene, and later voiced her frustrations on Facebook.

"A franchise owner attempted to bully me. She lied about corporate policy, attempted to force me to make a purchase to be in the store because she has a loitering problem. She called the police to force me to leave when I told her she was profiling the gentleman and me. In her mind I was the 'people' who loiter. In reality, I was a customer in her store, until yesterday, and I have been for more than 2 years," she wrote.

"I am still angry, more than 24 hours later, and I want justice for the humiliation I experienced."

Soon after, White reported that two reps for Dunkin' Donuts had personally called her to apologize, as per Yahoo.

Meanwhile, reps for the Massachusetts-headquartered coffee chain Dunkin returned Fox News' request for comment with the following statement:

"We and our franchisees want every customer who walks into a Dunkin' restaurant to be treated with dignity and respect. This did not happen in a situation at a restaurant in Fairfax, Virginia. We have apologized to the customer, on behalf of both the brand and the franchisee who owns and operates this restaurant, but we know that is not enough," a spokesperson said. "Our franchisees are independent businesspeople, who so long as they comply with the law, may set their own policies in regards to certain things like Wi-Fi usage and whether to limit its use to only those who make a purchase," they added. "However, we are focused on helping our franchisees best serve our diverse customer base and are currently exploring how we can improve every aspect of our restaurant operations from store signage, recommended policies, and training for franchisees and their crew members. We are committed to doing better."

Facebook commenters reacted to the news with mixed opinions.

"Really? All of this because you want to seat in her restaurant, taking up a table, not buy a .80 cent cup of coffee and use their wi-fi. I am sorry, but you are in the wrong. Even tho they have 'free' wi-fi, it is common sense, and called being an adult to understand that if you want to seat in a table, use their wi-fi, just buy a cup of coffee. Nothing to do with skin color or race," one said.

"Is there a homeless situation in the area? Purchasing something could be a policy because of loitering," another weighed in.

"As an owner of a business that deals with the general public Cabral should be better at conflict resolution and not be so confrontational. She could have handled this so much better. It would have been better to wait and see if she was a customer or a loiterer and then address it if needed. Smart business sense would be to consider what revenue your business could lose in the long run. How much is wi-fi costing her per customer really, c'mon," one chimed in. "If Cabral's herself believed her intentions were warranted then she wouldn't have lied about her position being Q&A. These white women need to realize there are people having real problems and not waste the time of law enforcement with petty issues."

"If you refuse to purchase in any store or establishment you can be ask[ed] to leave by the police. They are a business. Free is not FREE that is the ladys [sic] interpretation. AND no the law does not [require] police to be posted. That is why the cop backed the franchisee," another offered.

Dunkin' Donuts owner calls cops on black woman over Wi-Fi - AOL News



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Companies offers free wi fi to anyone in the premises. Hopefully while enjoying the free wi fi you will also buy something. That's the way it works. It's a smart way to do business. Being an asshole about your wi fi is no way to get and keep customers.

You're allowed to read anything you want in Barnes and Noble. Maybe some people might read there the whole day, but most people will buy the book and take it home. But Barnes and Noble isn't going to call the cops on you because you've been reading an entire book in the store all day. For every one cheapskate, there are 100 other people who buy shit.

For every wi-fi leecher who doesn't purchase anything, there are many others who do -- and they'll also remember you had free wi fi and come back again. And probably buy something again.

If I wanted to use a bathroom and someone told me I needed to buy something then I'd tell them they just lost a customer. That would be their loss.

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Common sense.

[h=2]If you refuse to purchase in any store or establishment you can be asked to leave.[/h]


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The owner of any establishment should be able to decide who can and cannot come into their business. It's like the free speech have to uphold the free speech of even the most vile people or you don't have free speech. If someone only wants to allow blacks into their business.....or only be it. The market will settle things. Either they will get enough customers with their limitations or they wont. If they don't, they'll go out of business or have to change their way of doing business. Sure, there are racists and other horrible people who'll want to have only their race in their establishment....but why does anyone else care. So there's a white's only restaurant...don't go if you don't like it. If there were a blacks only restaurant in my neighborhood, I'd not go there....nor would I go to the white's only place. That's my choice.....but I'm not going to tell them they have to let everyone in. That's their freedom. Just like someone making racist conversation.....I just move on. I don't need that person in my life.

You cannot dictate morality on people if what they do doesn't directly impinge on the freedom of others. Having a racist, sexist, bigoted establishment doesn't do that. Everyone has the choice to go to that establishment or not. If a bunch of racist people want to have a racist hotel that only caters to be it. Why would anyone else want to go there and be surrounded by racists. Being an activist to change that place is just another form of controlling others. The activist is imposing their morality on others. Just go your own way and ignore the bullshit from others.....why is that so hard?

Jessica Rain

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Sorry, but it is the same as it has always been. You can't sit in a coffee shop, fast food chain, etc, without ordering. Period.

The women brought up race, not the stole owner. Not from what I could read.

This is someone playing the race card for no reason.


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Jessica Rain said:
Sorry, but it is the same as it has always been. You can't sit in a coffee shop, fast food chain, etc, without ordering. Period.

The women brought up race, not the stole owner. Not from what I could read.

This is someone playing the race card for no reason.



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Its loitering if you sit around in their property and buy nothing. The seats, wifi, bathrooms, everything, is for paying customers.


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nntsci said:
Its loitering if you sit around in their property and buy nothing. The seats, wifi, bathrooms, everything, is for paying customers.

Saying there is a law on it?.
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