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I miss tv shows from the past

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Married with Children was my favourite show at one time. I never knew Al was teaching me so much about married life until I got married and realized how bad marriage is for men:

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I sat through marathon sessions of KWRP in Cincinatti (not as good as I remember) and Hogan's Heroes (about the same as I remember) this winter. I started (but didn't finish) Thunderbirds (I can see why they appealed to a six year old me, but not current me), and am going through Hill Street Blues right now (pretty damn good still). Every few years I do a Top Gear marathon (definately still good!).
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We know your habits. After a long day, and with an endless well of streamable television to choose from, you hit the couch and flip on Law & Order: SVU reruns. Not a jab at Law & Order (love you, ‎Olivia Benson), but there's so much out there! And for TV junkies, few destinations are as expansive as Hulu. Here are the series -- and only the ones with every season available -- just waiting to be discovered by your random scrolling:
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