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How to help a friend out

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OK guys and girls give us your ideas and feedback how we can help a friend. Any of you had (have) a friend that has low self esteem not too good looking and either too fat or too skinny?. Never had a real date and never heard the word I love you from a woman besides relatives. How would you help or have helped such a friend, what type of advice would you give him/her. What would you do to to make him/her find a mate?.

Would love to hear all SP and "3" 's opinion as well.


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Re: How to help a friend out

Take him out to events, parks church gatherings. Make a party for all your friends and invite as many single girls you can find.
Lastly reassure him he is good he must find his confidence first.


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Re: How to help a friend out

Call up Mirage, Room mates, Select, or Vixens and he would be off to the races. :p


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Re: How to help a friend out

Sometimes the scars last too long and it becomes a hatred to others. Seeing a Doctor is a must first.
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