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How many times has your dick or some call it addiction got you in trouble?.

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I almost lost my wife and business because I became infatuated with a gold digger. It is irrelevant who she is because it happens with secretaries, partners, coworkers etc...

I was able to get out of it just in time.

My advice is, don't fall into the trap.

If she is too good to be true, it is true.

If she has a sexy body and gives great head. Who cares, the euphoria only lasts a short time.

If she tells you I love you after the second appointment?. Get out fast and run.

If she asks for financial help or a loan for a few weeks only. Don't buy that story.

If she tells you to enter her without a condom, run faster.

If she tells you I miss you and why "you don't call me anymore", avoid avoid avoid.

If she wants you to meet her daughter asap, avoid again forever.

If she tells you you are the best lover she ever had, don't believe her.

If she tells you you have a huge dick and best lover she ever had, avoid again.

The phrase pay them so they can leave is so so underrated.

Do not leave your wife for amazing sex, not worth it in the long run.

There I said it, me culpa.

Time to stick together and add more experiences you've had that will help our church goers members.


So "golddiggers " are the bad ones....not the married guys who are screwing their employees, co-workers, partners, etc.:no: So this woman wanted your money? and you wanted her for her.......mind? Why do some men get their panties in a knot when someone they're banging turns out to want something for what they're putting out? It's not only escorts that want $$, lol. Nothing is free:)


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One time too many, almost lost everything. Luckily I was given a second chance.
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