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How legit are BP's ads? Coming from Vancouver this weekend

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Joined Jun 14, 2016
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I'm coming from Vancouver this weekend, I've been looking at some ads on BP, but I'm not sure how legit they are, for example, I had a nice conversation with Michelle from BP 2551 (not sure if I can post ads here).
But if anyone has any reccomendations for big booty and big chest let me know!


One word.


Why bother there, just read reviews and you can get to choose one of that is legit and won't rip you off.
Joined Feb 18, 2014
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You might get lucky with BP, you might not. Check the review boards and you'll know what you're getting into.

Alex Baldwin

Joined Jan 27, 2011
Messages 176
BP is hit and miss so if you want to take some chances go for it.
I wouldn't.
That's what the boards are for.
Cruze the Agencies for what type appeals to you then check for reviews.
Your more likely find what you want and have a great time this way.
Don't forget to share your first review with us here and enjoy your stay in T Dot.


There is a reason why you registered here.

This should help you narrow down your searches.


Joined Feb 28, 2012
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Answer this question. What percentage wise did you not get what you wanted when you sa a BP lady?.


Joined Nov 21, 2012
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But if anyone has any reccomendations for big booty and big chest let me know!

Why go to BP when you can find it here.

Smaller butt action!

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