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How do you address the ladies?

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Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
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After a couple of sessions, the SP is usually comfortable enough with me that she will tell me her real name or sometimes, in telling me a story, she will inadvertently say her real name. My question is that once you are introduced to her real name, do you address her by her real name during the session or still go by her SP name? I always err on the safe side by not mixing reality with fantasy and address her with her SP name and not her real name - is that considered rude or considerate by the ladies. I would be interested to know and if the ladies have a preference.


I found the same thing. I think if it's by the SP's choice in telling you her real name then it's a compliment and a great sign of trust, but the conflict still lies in what you call her, maybe ask and see what's she would prefer?
Joined Dec 7, 2009
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If a lady gives me her real name, I'll give her my real first name. If she addresses me by it, then I will address her by hers.


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Joined May 21, 2010
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Like sotb once they tell me their real name I tell them mine soon enough personal phone numbers is exchanged. Do you guys exchange numbers?.


Joined Dec 5, 2009
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I hobby using my real name, so that's not an issue. If a Companion chooses to give me her real name, then I call her by that name from then on, after all, what point is it to get a gift if you won't use it. If she accidentally slips, I either ignore it, or ask her which would she prefer.

At parties or when we're not alone, I always use her working name.


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I see 2 SP regularly both gave me their real names and phone numbers breaking of the ice I call it, why I slowed down on the pooning with others. They know my real first name but only my hobby number.


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Joined Dec 16, 2009
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I've given my first name to several people it's not a huge secret but my last name is known only to a handful (usually it's some customs guy that shares that info for me :???: ). I don't really have a preference as to what I am called when we are not out in public, I respond to either name and depending on the context either is appropriate.
When we are out in public I almost always ensure that my date uses my real first name, this is to save us both some embarrassment, should someone recognize me at a restaurant or they cross paths with a colleague. This way I'm not "Bambi" their paid companion but rather I'm "Ethel" from the office or "Nicole" the neighbour. Both my dates and I have run into people from our outside lives numerous times and I find for discretionary purposes using my real name has been better.
Oh and I haven't attended any forum parties for discretionary purposes but in that scenario you'd obviously want to address her by her working name.


Joined Mar 28, 2010
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SandOnTheBreeze said:
If a lady gives me her real name, I'll give her my real first name. If she addresses me by it, then I will address her by hers.

+1, I think this should be the etiquette, however I am not there yet myself (<==--- hypocrite warning)

I am actually a little more guarded...well apparently not so guarded as to mention this that only one who knows my real name.


Have my share of sp giving me their real name but matters not as I never see them out of their boundaries but do call them by their first name when I repeat.


iceman_dci said:
maybe ask and see what's she would prefer?

That should solve approximately 99.999% of the issues that may arise with a lady.


I introduce myself with my given name, and if a lady chooses to tell me her name that is kept secret:)

One thing that I do find humourous about the real names is that they're so much nicer than the stage name.


I use at least 30 different fake names to book SPs, sometimes I forget which one I used to book. lol

If SP gives me her real name I still use their SP name. Its more easy to remember :mrgreen:


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Joined Jan 26, 2010
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I have no need to use any names. I just walk in and rattle my zipper, enuff said!


Joined Nov 6, 2009
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Hiya hun, is CIM ok? That is all I need to know.:lol: Even when I have been told their real names I can't remember it anyway. I can't remember what I had for dinner last night, was it dim sum or was it a falafel?


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Joined Mar 20, 2010
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great question,

I really do not like it when the sp's give me their real name. If i get to know let's just say bambi, the sp, I really don't want to get to know real life (with real issues) let's just say Esther. Plus I have to admit if real names are given I genrrally feel an implied sense of friendship. Some of the things I do with sp's I just do not have the nerve to ask some of my girl friends to do. Quite a shame I relate the two together but it is what it is.

One sp whom I have seen for years always writes/talks to me using her real name and i just keeping talking/writing back continuing to call her by her sp name. It is actually becoming quite humourous. I'm gonna win this one though!!!!

Plus, many sp's have multiple names like strippers. You might have gotten her personal sp name but not really her birth name. side note-had a laugh about that in a duo situation lately but over personal numbers, Many sp's have personal business cells, but just try to get their landline number!!!! You know you got it when they threaten to kill you and look very nervous/regretful . Same with the name thing. jmo

and, my apologies that my first post on this board was not a review



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Joined Feb 14, 2010
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I use my real name (first name only) with booking. If SP tells me her real name I still prefer to use her SP name. Like it has been said, it is easier to remember.


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Joined Jun 2, 2010
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I too have been told quite a few lady's first names but typically, I see no reason to use names at all after the introductions.

I mean, really, how often do you use someone's name to their face anyways after the first "Hi ya Katie, how you doing"??? I mean, some I guess would call out their name during pillow talk, like "oh katie, your pussy's so tight" etc.

I mean, if they're in another room you might call out "hey katie, you want a juice"?

One problem I DO have though (after being told their real name) is during the booking process (agency sps). I have to remember NOT to use her real name lol.....

_ _

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Joined Dec 14, 2009
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Great question and, as said as this sounds, I never really thought to ask the lady what she prefers.

A number of ladies have given me/us their real name and, we stick to the "stage name" out of respect for the girl's privacy. Although there have been one or two that pointed out a preference to be called by their real name.

Plus I enjoy the fantasy and naughtiness of the stage name.
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