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How do people have time for hobbies?.

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Work 8 hours a day, take care of chores. Deal with parents and inlaw issues. Pamper your SO. Shop, drive kids around and so on.

Then mandatory 6 to 7 hours of sleep, do the math.

Who or how do you find time to have a hobby?. No, not this hobby but a real hobby.

Al Bumin

Being married deprives you from having a hobby. Al do this, Al do that, Al blah blah blah.


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Leisure time relaxes your soul. Try finding time you will be surprised how better you will feel after a few weeks.


Find a hobby that the SO wants you to do, for example: gardening.


A hobby can be a once a week thing or a once in a while thing, we all have to manage our time as we see fit and best can do. You Signingin, are like many consumed by life and all it encompasses. But if you don't take time for *you* and something outside of all that is needed *you* will die/loose yourself. You have to feed your own soul in order to have a soul to share:) Wishing you the best:)


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Read, meditate, sing, run...those activities can be done with no prep and at anytime you have a moment.

I'm single, so I have (finally) time to teach Muay Thai and attend stickfighting classes, but it wasn't always the case. Maybe ask your SO or family to help you get some time to do the things you enjoy. Always just working leads to burn out, burnout then becomes a permanent thing. Take it from someone who now has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


I ask all my clients what they like to do for fun when they're not working.

Many tell me they don't have much spare time because they work so many hours, and the ones that have kids say they NEVER have spare time.

Even one day a month of being able to relax and have fun away from the normal grind will make you feel a whole lot better about life.

If you work hard, you need to play hard.

Seeing a SP is a great way to have a whole lot of fun in a short amount of time. Very therapeutic.



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My life is full. The hobbies I've taken up I don't have time, money or energy to pursue all at once. I just take what I can get when I can get it. And it's not like the time with the family is all bad...if so, you need to make some changes.

Talk to your spouse and let her know you need some "me" time and make sure you giver her some time for herself as well.
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