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Finally I hooked up with Holly. She's constantly booked. ( was told that guys book 3-5 hours just so they can see her )

She is young. Swedish. Was expecting model type face; she has a cute young girl's face with full lips for a white girl. Cute though, very cute. True blond blue eyes.
Compared to Natalia, Darcy, Serena; Holly isn't much of a conversationalist. I tried my best but it wasn't flowing well. Worked out better since we got to action faster.

Holly is a great DFK'er with those soft full lips caressing mine and her tongue gently probing in my mouth.
She has a nice body with inkless white skin, hour glass shape with full round ass.
Nice full B cup tits with smooth pink areola.

She started with BBBJ with great technique, soft lips and tongue swirling my glans, and occasional DT attempts.
DATY - clean smooth butterfly labia, pink. She was moaning and writhing within minutes and juices flowing down her ass onto the sheets. She gently shuddered and closed her legs. Though she didn't say 'I'm cumming' she smiled and said 'that was good' ( Holly doesn't over act, it's all natural which I prefer ) There was a big wet spot on the sheet.
CFS - she mounts me CG and grinds her pussy, moaning. I flip her into mish and start pumping. Holly seemed to prefer slow pace. I can go with the flow so we start rhythming pumping, grinding. Hollly moaning softly. She feels great in my arms, I grab her ass and thrust deeper. We change to doggy and I continue with deep thrusts. Plenty of creamy juices on my cock, giving off that pussy scent which turns me on! and my cock gets harder with this visual and smell and sound.
I push her down to jockey and turn her head to dfk while thrusting. Change to mish and going faster. Holly seemed uncomfortable so I asked her if I'm hurting her. She said 'a little' 'can I suck you off?' Fucking yes! Holly is another girl who is very relentless in sucking cock unitl you're ready to bust.
But, it was too early and I'm SOG guy so after 7 min. of bbbj, I tell her 'let's take a break' she was happy to hear that. I whisper in her ear 'can I go down on you' She smiles and 'yes'
So I DATY again for good 5-7 minutes, Holly moaning,shuddering again to her gentle orgasm.
Now I was ready for BBBJ, Holly this time goes at it no hands just her head bobbing, I feel her tongue swirling, sucking. It felt soooo good. I tell her 'please don't stop, oh god, it feels so good, keep going, keep going' Holly goes at it until I am ready to bust, I hold her head and FF her till I explode! I held off for 5 days so I unloaded a mouthful.

Fuck me! She is amazing! Have repeated; but so hard to book.
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